Make Your Halloween Celebration Spooktacular with these Four Thrift Tips

This year’s Halloween is different compared to the other ones we’ve had. The COVID-19 pandemic has spread the real scare all across the globe and has given us so many restrictions. We are no longer able to enjoy the usual celebrations we do for holidays because of social distancing. Also, spending on parties seems to be something that you have to be guilty of because many families have lost jobs because of the virus, and we had to realign our budget and add more of our savings for health. 

Halloween is one of the most awaited holidays of every year. Both the kids and the adults have their own ways of celebrating it – the kids are Trick-or-Treating, and the adults are going to costume parties.  

Fortunately, social distancing, wearing masks, and other health and safety protocols are put in place so that we could still live our life the old fashion way while we are trying to adjust to the “new normal”. 

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Here are four thrift tips for Moms who are looking forward to celebrating Halloween: 

Plan ahead. If you are planning to go to host a Halloween party, use decorations that you can use over and over again so that you only have to buy them just once. Once the party is over, you can check out local stores and online shops to see what Halloween decorations are on sale. You should be able to find affordable items online like the halloween signs by widdlytinks Just like in any other post holiday sales, the Halloween items are expected to drop their prices once the celebration is over.

Check the price of your goodies. One popular trick that you can do for your candies and other treats is to buy items with a popular brand, and mix them with the not so popular but are more affordable. This works well with candies. You can also check warehouses which can sell you these candies for their wholesale prices. Make sure that you shop ahead of the holiday so the prices are still manageable.

They are called dollar stores for a reason. Most of us overlook the value of dollar stores when buying decorations and party needs. However, what many people do not realize is that you will be able to buy good quality products for a way cheaper price which will only be used once a year. Especially for those props and decorations which can easily be torn or broken, it would be practical to spend a few dollars on these items if you do not mean to keep them and reuse them for next year.

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Find an affordable costume. Just because they are affordable does not mean they are cheap. Instead of spending money for your entire costume, why not get crafty first and just fill in those gaps by buying supplies or parts that you cannot make with your own hands? You can check if you have available garments or clothing articles like a cheerleading uniform, which you can use and patch together to form an old torn robe, a mask or even use that as your Halloween costume.