Don’t Replace- Renovate! Modernising an Old Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the home- in both a practical sense as well as when it comes to its value. A gorgeous kitchen is something every homeowner aspires to have, but fitting a brand new one comes at a considerable cost. However, if yours is in good condition (and is just out fashion), there are plenty of ways you can bring it up to scratch for far less money than buying new. Here’s how you can go about it!


Repaint or Replace to Cupboard Doors

If your kitchen doors are made out of solid wood, it’s worth keeping them. Even if they’re out of fashion now, solid wood is expensive. Thankfully, it’s very easy to upcycle them. Remove them from their hinges and give them a good sand down, before priming and painting with a product designed for kitchen cupboards. White is a good choice, grey is very on trend at the moment too and is set to be the neutral of choice for the foreseeable future. The great thing about this method is later down the line you could always sand them, and paint them again too. If the doors are made out of laminated chipboard or are just worse for wear, replacing them entirely could be the way to go. Updating just the doors instead of the entire units gives the impression of a whole new kitchen but without the cost.

Add Some Modern Fixtures

It can be worth spending a little more of the fixtures and fittings when it comes to rooms like the kitchen. You could add a beautiful new mixer tap, a modern light fitting, you can even buy electric heated towel rails. These are useful as they plug in so require no plumbing. A good way to keep the kitchen warm, and somewhere to hang your tea towels too. If you’re repainting your units, another tip is to replace the drawer and cupboard pulls. Again it brings another new look to the kitchen. If you’d like to add more fixtures, this effective gray water pump is an ideal choice. It pumps gray water or wastewater away from the kitchen. It’s a versatile piece that adds functionality without occupying too much space.


Put Down Some Vinyl

Tiles are a fantastic choice in the kitchen, but if yours are looking shabby or you have cracked ones replacing the entire floor can be expensive. To save money, consider laying vinyl over the top. It’s a little warmer underfoot, and fitted correctly it looks very smart and effective. A simple way to completely change the colour scheme of the room and switch up how it looks entirely. Another way to use vinyl in the kitchen is to purchase vinyl worktop wrap. This covers your existing worktop and provides a hardwearing surface. Far cheaper than changing the entire thing, and providing it’s done well you’d never know the difference.

Update Your Accessories

To match your sleek new modern kitchen, you may need to update your accessories to match. This could be a clock, wall plaque, your tea towels or anything else that brings personality to the room. These little touches can make all the difference, so shop for things that go with the style of your new space.