Movers & Shakers: Choosing The Right Service

Sorry to burst your bubble, but you probably won’t live in your current house forever. The time will come when you have to move, and it isn’t a nice time. Moving home is one of the most stressful experiences on the planet, mainly because it requires so much organising. Luckily, there are professional movers on hand to make the process easier. Well, they do if you choose wisely. If you pick poorly, moving to another property could turn into a nightmare. To stop that from happening, here are the tips that will help you single out the right movers.

Ask For Recommendations

First of all, you want to ask for recommendations from your friends and family. The average person moves eight times in their life, so the odds are high that you know someone who has gone through the experience. Plus, you always trust that the recommendations they provide are in your best interests. Once you have a mover in mind, it’s essential to get customer feedback. Previous customers are also unbiased because they have zero links to the firm. Again, this is just another reason to trust that company is above board.

Check Their Services

The last thing you want is to find out that you are paying for a service that they don’t provide. Just imagine the driver dropping that bombshell on moving day! Good luck with that one, mate. But, instead of leaving it to chance, you should check out the terms and conditions beforehand. That way, you know everything will go smoothly on the day. If you’re moving interstate from Sydney to Melbourne, you need to ensure they have more than a local service. Or, if you must arrive at a particular time, you need to research their delivery time. Never commit without knowing the ins and outs.

Show Them Everything

Top-quality movers come to your home to estimate the load. Simply put, they check how much stuff you have, and then calculate the cost. The ‘estimate’ is what you will hopefully end up paying, but it doesn’t always work out this way. Sometimes, people like your good self forget to show them everything. So, when it comes to moving day, the movers challenge the estimate and pay more. Clearly, you don’t want to fork out or add to the stress, so don’t lie. Oh, and don’t choose a service that doesn’t come to your home in the first place. You’re just asking for them to make up a price out of thin air.

Get Copy Of Inventory

Unfortunately, things do go missing in transit. Most of the time, the company will own up and agree to pay compensation. However, some of them don’t like to admit to anything because they see it as a slippery slope. Nobody wants a Mexican standoff, so you need to ask for a copy of the inventory. That way, you know that all of your belongings are safe and sound. Not to be judgy, but a service that is reluctant to provide a copy of the inventory might be dishonest.

As long as you have the right moving service, the day should go without a hitch Well, almost!