Choosing The Right Floor In A High-Rise Apartment Building

Before fastening your boots and going out the door to look at an apartment you found you like online, ask yourself, which floor is the best option for you? Most modern cities are now growing vertically more than they are widthwise because the population in cities is always rising and everyone wants to stay close to their place of work. Therefore, affordable space is now taking to the skies to fulfill the need and to accommodate the modern lifestyle so many city slickers lead.

The view

Perhaps the single most overriding factor when it comes to most tenants choosing one of the higher floors is the view. If waking up and watching the sunset while sipping on a fresh cup of coffee is important to you, and you’re willing to pay the higher than normal price, go for it. Contemporary architectures like Joseph Nahas have fashioned breathtaking panoramic views the higher up you go. Keep in mind, the view from above is great for taking in the beauty of the horizon and the wider angle of the city, but it’s much more difficult to watch the world go by as only lower floors have that luxury.

Ground floor and noise

Although a secondary factor to most, minimizing traffic and street noise is an attractive reason to buy high. Others aim to keep clear of the ground floor because some buildings may not have proper hallway soundproofing and listening to other tenants walking through the hallway all the time isn’t for them. On the flip side, if your room is located further down from the entrance, elevators, and stairs then it’s not so bad regarding noise pollution. Ground floors have a lot of utility and power rooms. Therefore, it’s not possible for many people to live on the ground floor so in some cases living at the bottom may actually be quieter than living higher up.

Accessibility and security concerns

If you’re an impatient person, waiting for the elevator is going to get annoying as modern high-rise buildings are getting taller and taller. In parallel, ground floors pose an increased crime risk as thieves use the advantage of lower and sub-level apartments being closer to the exit as a benefiting factor to their criminal activities. Having a good relationship with the security in the building can help you get a feel for the residential society, and what you should avoid doing so you’re not in a vulnerable position. Modern buildings have an advanced network of security cameras which operate around the clock with an active security officer always on hand to patrol the floors at night.

Real estate companies are developing high-rise projects for both the luxury and affordable categories to reach out to large numbers of clients in various income brackets. In reality, there’s no true perfect answer when it comes to which floor is the best to live on as all buildings have their own feel and practical solutions. However, you must weigh up the factors and decide what’s most important to you.