Say ‘ahhhhhh’

For me, the total epitome of rest, relaxation, and carefree fun is a spa break. You don’t even have to have a treatment every hour of the day, as simply a few hours spent alternating between the pool, Jacuzzi and massage table will be enough to chill you right out.

It’s easy to find a spa break destination, as basically every large resort has a hotel that offers such an experience, so there are cheap deals out there to be found, and when you combine them with a bargain flight, and a cheap parking spot, such as Airparks Luton, then there’s no reason not to lay back, chill out, and forget your troubles.


Adding extras onto your travel plans will save money, and I always book through ParkBCP for the best deals. Driving yourself to the airport will also start your relaxation break in the right frame of mind, and not stressed and pulling your hair out, due to busy and sometimes unreliable public transport.

It’s important to relax from the moment you leave to the moment you return with this kind of break!

You might choose a full on retreat in Thailand, or simply a pampering weekend in Majorca, but whatever your choice, turn your phone off and revel in peace and tranquillity. Treatments range from hot stone massage, Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, to facials, Indian Head massage, pedicures, manicures, reflexology, and even beauty treatments, so you can come away glowing inside and out.


I recently went on a weekend break such as this in Alanya, on the south coast of Turkey, and waking up to the sea every morning, knowing I had no responsibilities or cares really made me relax and forget my worries. I ate healthily, concentrated on myself and my body, and I came home feeling a million times more positive for it. I’d recommend this for anyone, especially those in a stressful job, and stress alone has such a negative effect on the body, so it’s important to take ‘me’ time occasionally.

Portugal is a popular choice for this kind of holidays, especially for couples who like to combine spa breaks with golfing, and you’ll often find that the two go hand in hand where hotels and resorts are concerned. Personally, any chance to relax is enough for me, and when I can throw in a few treatments on top, I’m more than happy!