The Perfect Gifts for the Traveling Man

Are you dating a man who loves to travel? Perhaps you’re trying to think of a gift for a guy friend who’s heading off on his big overseas trip? Whatever the occasion, here are some wonderful gifts that will actually be appreciated by the traveling man, rather than discarded and left in his mother’s closet.


1) A Beautiful Shirt or Cardigan

It might seem like a bit of an odd gift, but even when someone goes backpacking they’re going to need some nice outfits for special occasions. A fine shirt or cardigan can really make an outfit for a man and change his attire from beachbum to fine dining in a matter of moments (in saying that, he’ll need to upgrade his flip flops for closed shoes, too!). This is a very personal gift that should be reserved for someone special, Men’s Country Clothing from House of Bruar is the perfect gift for a man with class and style, that doesn’t want to compromise it just because he’s going on holiday.

2) Some Locks

If he’s going to be staying in dorms or shared spaces, there’s nothing more valuable than a lock. And even if he’s not, a lock can prove useful for a backpack when in a busy area. It prevents prying hands from reaching easily into pockets. Locks are one of those things, like socks, that we can never have too many of because we tend to misplace them easily. I prefer combination locks as there are no keys to lose.


3) Packing Cubes

I have no idea how I survived for so long traveling without packing cubes, but now I’ve found them my life will never be the same again. It makes it possible to cram a ridiculous amount of clothing into a relatively confined space, and to keep things much more organised. This is something a guy probably wouldn’t buy for himself, but once he has it will be super grateful that you did.

4) A Silk Sleeping Bag Liner

Again, this is a gift that is best directed for people who might be staying in dorms or places that perhaps aren’t as clean as we might hope for. A silk sleeping bag liner can be a little pricey at around $100 for something of a high standard, but it is very small, easy to transport and can make your bed feel a lot more comfortable. It’s also great for keeping nasty bed bugs out and can work as a slight barrier to mossies.

Buying a gift for the male traveler can be a challenge, but with this guide it will be easier than ever.