Planning your Ultimate Road Trip

I love travel and I love road trips, with the summer months rolling around quickly, you’re going to be thinking about how you can spend your few weeks of freedom. I suggest a road trip, it can work out a lot cheaper than going overseas, it can be a great way to pool a bunch of friends together and if you use AirBNB it can be relatively affordable. So what do you need for the perfect road trip? Here are my suggestions, to get you excited about planning your next road trip adventure!


1) A Car

This is totally obvious, but such an important piece of the puzzle. Of course, if you already have a car (or have a friend who does) then you’re already sorted. But what happens when you don’t have a car and really want one? Well you can look to financing options. However, if you have a poor credit rating or have been refused finance in the past, you might struggle a little to get financing. That’s where Refused Car Finance will help. It’s designed for those who have been denied financing in the past but are determined to own a car. If you’re interested in how Refused Car Finance Works take a little browse here.

2) Great Music

Once you’ve got your car and a bunch of friends or loved ones, the next most important thing is music. You’ll need to pick music that is both fun to sing along to, and music that can enhance the road trip experience. This totally depends on your tastes, who you’re going with and how long the trip is. If you have a few early morning starts, I suggest choosing something upbeat to get you excited and in the mood.


3) Snacks

Food on the road can be pretty pricey and if you’re trying to watch your budget, it makes sense to prepared ahead. Try to find a balance between healthy snacks and delicious foods. If you pack only junk food, chances are you’re going to feel like crap and that’s not the best way to start your holiday. Things like carrot sticks, fruit and fruit smoothies are excellent road trip foods.

4) An Itinerary

This is the fun part, planning where to go and what to do. I use websites like Tripadvisor to figure out what I want to see in new towns. Ask your friends on Facebook if they’ve been to any of the places you’re going and what they suggest. This is the best way to find out things because they know you and will know what you like too!

Road trips are awesome and there’s no better time than summer. Do you have any tips for the ultimate road trip? Leave them in the comments below.