Top tips for Office Comfort

Whether you have hundreds of employees or just a few, you and your staff spend the majority of your time at your office. Ensuring that everyone is comfortable in that office will make everyone happier, increase productivity, lower staff turnover, increase output, and probably help with customer satisfaction as well.

Here are some top tips for office comfort:


Cool it down

There are few things worse than sitting for hours in a hot office in the middle of summer (usually in a suit). Ensuring that your office stays at a reasonable temperature will decrease crankiness amongst staff, help them concentrate, increase productivity and just make your office a more appealing place to be. Need a new air conditioning system? Check out ducted air conditioning Brisbane and keep your employees cool this summer.

Encourage Movement

Sitting at a desk all day is terrible for our health, however the majority of jobs require us to sit in one place for hours at a time. This can lead to cancer, obesity, heart disease and other health problems, and it’s estimated that for every six hours of sitting, you need to do a whole hour of exercise just to ensure your health isn’t affected by the lack of movement.

Take care of your employees and encourage them to move around the office. You’ll have greater productivity, healthier and happier employees and fewer sick days by making movement part of your office culture. Implement a quick walking break for everyone once an hour, and encourage employees to take five minutes to walk around the office, use the bathroom, grab a drink, or anything that gets them moving.

Consider starting an office sports team (there are many corporate sport events available so you can have some competition), and encourage staff to get outside and get active on their lunch breaks.


Make it fun

There’s nothing worse than a stuffy boss who insists that personality is not allowed in the office. Encourage staff members to be friends and share their lives with each other, ask them open-ended questions so you can get to know them, let them decorate their desks with cute pens, photos of their kids, goals, holidays and more.

Celebrate birthdays, and consider implementing office competitions- with the winning team winning anything from a free lunch to a weekend away. You’ll be surprised at how fast morale skyrockets.

Think about the little things

When you spend all day in a building, it’s important that it’s comfortable. Spend a little more on the nice toilet paper, implement a free fruit bowl, or free coffee, give employees standing desks so they can spend less time sitting. Consider implementing a feedback box, so employees can anonymously give you suggestions about how you can improve things around the office.

Often, employees just want to see that their boss cares about their comfort. With the above ideas, you’re sure to have employees that are happier at work and more likely to stay for the long haul.