Why it’s worth investing in a steam cleaner

There’s nothing I like more than a clean home, but I don’t have a lot of time on my hands. Added to this is the worry about the expensive cleaning products I’m using. Apart from the fact that there are so many to choose from, I’m also concerned that some of them may cause or aggravate allergies, as well as be harmful to the environment. Recently I found a great, all-round solution for this: steam cleaning.

Steam cleaners, like the ones you can get from use only water and nothing else, so I’ve noticed that I don’t have to buy as many detergents, which helps me save money. It has also proven to clean my home in a quick, easy, hygienic and eco-friendly way.


No more spending on expensive cleaning chemicals

Cleaning products can be pretty expensive and usually a specific type is needed for different jobs. However I’ve found myself cleaning virtually everywhere, whilst still achieving a deep clean with a steam cleaner. Not having to spend money on a variety of cleaning products is really adding up to significant savings for my household this year. Just thinking about how much I used to spend on cleaning products each month makes me wish I’d got my hands on one sooner!

Less spending on home repairs

Usually when I clean I find that I miss the bits I can’t reach, or is at a difficult angle to clean. This has often meant a build-up of mould in some areas. However cleaning with steam regularly has started to clear this, prolonging the life of parts of the house. Being able the fight mildew and mould build-up in the bathroom more easily could mean the tiling will last longer, and cost me less on repairs in the long-run. Similarly, steaming the carpet could prolong its life too.

Less spending on dry cleaning

One thing I didn’t realise you could use a steam cleaner for was as a substitute for ironing. I have to say it is a lot quicker than ironing and more effective. So it isn’t necessary for me to get my smart clothes professionally pressed any more. This is great, because my husband wears a suit to work every day.

Less spending on water

Apart from saving money, steam cleaning also helps save the environment. Water usage during steam cleaning can be up to 95% less than with traditional cleaning methods. My eco-conscious family is so happy about this that we’ve been telling all of our friends!

Less elbow grease!

Areas that took me hours of scrubbing are now spotlessly clean in minutes and because it’s so hot, steam kills bacteria and household dust mites without the use of expensive or harmful chemicals. My steam cleaner is making light work of what used to be a chore.

So in terms of value for money, steam cleaners are hard to beat. No more having to spray on pricey oven cleaner and wait around for ages when a simple blast of steam will loosen stuck-on grease.

Now I don’t just have a clean home that I’m proud of, it’s also easy! Head here for more top tips on what you can use a steam cleaner for.