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Fruit Machine Slots Symbols: How they came about

What’s the first thing you think about when you’re asked to visualize slot machines from SlotsBaby? Is it the coins clattering through when you hit the jackpot, or is it the flashing lights and epic colours from the game? For us, it’s the fruit symbols found on the old-school fruit machine slots. Not only do these symbols look awesome but they also have a fruitful history, and we’re going to tell you all about it. Read on to find out about:

          The History of Fruit Machines

          The Origins of Fruit Symbols

          The Future of Fruit Machines

The Origins of Fruit Symbols

First of all, lets take a trip back to the early 1900’s when the first fruit machine came about! Slot machines had been around for a while at this point, but they weren’t anything like they are these days. They were often games or candy dispensers, but there wasn’t any chance or real cash to be won. At some point, somebody decided they would try this out with selling bubble-gum – there could be fruit symbols on the reel, and if you matched three of the same fruit then that would represent the flavour of bubble-gum you received! Match three cherries, and you’ll get cherry bubble-gum. Brilliant.

The History of Fruit Machines

This bubble-gum machine was a roaring success and people all over the place were inspired. Tons of similar machines were made and along with slot machine games generally becoming more popular, fruit symbols quickly became an absolute staple of the slot games culture. Slots became more and more popular throughout the 50’s and 60’s with every casino in the USA featuring hundreds of fruit machine slots, but the momentum wouldn’t last forever! Around the late 90’s, digital and video slots were being developed and people were keen to play with symbols that had never been seen before! For this reason, fruit machines definitely lost momentum around this time and no longer dominate the scene as they used to. However, there will still always be fruit symbols on modern slots from 3D to Virtual Reality, so we don’t think they’ll be forgotten anytime soon. So, what’s our prediction for the future of fruit machine symbols? Here’s what we think:

          Fruit machine symbols will continue to become less common

          Instead of being normal symbols, they will become rare and exclusive symbols

          Despite their dwindling popularity, fruit symbols will always be a staple of slots and will go down in history!

Fruity One Armed Bandits

Overall, fruit machines otherwise known as ‘one armed bandits’ have quite the fruitful history and all came about from determining the flavour of bubble gum! This machine was hugely popular and the concept of fruit symbols snowballed and eventually became one of the most iconic parts of slot culture! They’re not as popular these days, but we still think that every future slot machine will have a place for nostalgic fruit symbols. Love it!