Special Destinations in the Caribbean

When you think of paradise, what comes to mind? For me it’s white sand beaches, bright blue water, great weather and a relaxed atmosphere. The Caribbean has all of that, and more. One of the biggest decisions you’ll have to make when booking your trip to the Caribbean is where you’ll stay and you might find it hard, as there’s so many great places to choose from. There’s the gorgeous St Lucia, the Cayman Islands which are world-famous for their diving and of course,  the Bahamas. Read on for more information why we suggest these great destinations:


St Lucia: 

This is the perfect island to visit if you love the outdoors – and we’re talking the best of the outdoors. The beaches here are so pretty the sand almost looks like it’s made of white chalk. Inland there are great walks, beautiful bushes, trees and mountains which are great for daily hikes. If you want a more relaxing holiday, while not look at the beautiful BodyHoliday in St Lucia that offers a unique holiday experience unlike any other.

The Cayman Islands:

This is hands down, one of the most scenic places in the Caribbean and considering how beautiful the Caribbean is as a whole, says a lot. It is also one of the best destinations in the world for those of us who love diving. The Cayman islands are really popular, so it’s not as easy to find a quiet stretch to yourself to enjoy, but the popularity ensures that hotel prices and flight deals are really competitive, ensuring you can find a great bargain.

The Bahamas: 

This is a more lively area of the Caribbean that often draws a younger crowd – so be prepared. During spring break things can get a little wild here, so if it’s not your scene we suggest intentionally visiting at other times of the year. Despite the party reputation, the Bahamas are one of the most stunning islands on the planet with clear, warm water which is great for activities, so do not forget sailing in the Bahamas when traveling in the Caribbean.


People go here half for the beautiful beaches and half for the beautiful culture. If you want somewhere fun, lively and full of good vibes then Jamaica is the perfect destination for you. There’s a great mixture between relaxing and exploring the beautiful scenery here, such as the blue mountains. Jamaica is also becoming very popular as not only a honeymoon destination, but also as an overseas wedding destination. If you’re planning a wedding of your own, this might be somewhere you want to add to your list.

Wherever you choose in the Caribbean, you’ll find good weather, great beaches and a relaxing holiday.