Games to Play While Traveling

What to do when you’re flight is late? You’re stuck on a long overnight bus ride? Or you want to distract yourself from the kid kicking the seat behind you? I like to play games. There are tonnes of different types of games you can play, from those with your friends while on a road trip, to online casino games. No matter your situation, budget, or WIFI connectivity there’s something you can play to keep yourself entertained.

1) Online Casino Games

If you like gambling then online casino games are perfect because you can play them anywhere. All you need is some WIFI or a mobile data connection and you’re good to go. Most airports have WIFI, even if you have to pay a little for it, some buses, trains and planes are now fitted with WIFI. This means you can play no matter where you are. Time will fly when you’re having so much fun and who knows you might even win big. There’s also an online casino iPhone app which makes it even easier to play without carrying around a bulky computer.


2) Puzzle Books

Love crosswords? Puzzle books are great value as you can pick them up for a few dollars and they can easily keep you distracted for hours at a time. It’s a great way to exercise your mind as well. Some airports stock them, but if you know that you’d love a puzzle book maybe buy one before you leave home so that you wont get caught out. The best thing about puzzle books is you don’t have to worry about a flat battery or anything like this. I tend to lose things on my travels, as well, and I’d much prefer to lose a puzzle book than a smartphone or iPad. It can be a really good option when you’re enduring a lot of long haul flights and getting into that “sleep deprived mode”.

3) iPad or Smartphone Games

This is a great option as you’re likely to have your smartphone with you no matter where you are going. It also means you don’t have to carry around any extra bulk. You can choose the style of game you like from Angry Birds to something a little more education; anything goes. The best thing about Smartphone games is that many of them are free, or really low cost. This means for a few dollars or cents you can have an assortment of games to keep you entertained. Just make sure you buy a phone with enough memory to contain all of these games!

4) Games With Friends

If you’re traveling with friends and family you can get creative and make games while you’re in the car of a road trip. One of my favourite games is trying to find the entire alphabet on the car license plates. You can get creative and make up your own games to help the time pass. In the past I’ve ever played games with friends such as guessing the relation of people collecting people at the airport. It can be quite fun to pay attention all the happy emotions and wonder how long they’ve been apart, how they know each other and so on.

5) Handheld Playstation, Gameboy etc

A few decades ago, this style of gaming system was really popular. Now days, with multi purpose iPods and the works they’re not quite as popular. However their small size, great graphics and variety of games makes them an excellent option for travel. For the Playstation lover who can’t go a few days without plating their favourite game, this is the ultimate solution.

6) DuoLingo

This is a great language learning app that is so fun it’s almost a game. Why not learn some phrases in the destination language (if you’re going overseas) so you can get around with ease? It can go a long way when you make a little effort in the local language, not only will the locals be excited and impressed, you will be able to better communicate your needs.

No matter your favourite game, you’ll quickly find that bringing a game or two along on your travels – even if you make it with your friends – will transform your mood and ensure you’re not super bored. Try it the next time you travel. Spend a little time being prepared before your next flight and you’ll be amazed with the difference it makes to your journey, your mood and the overall experience.