Get out and explore the world!

The world is huge, there’s no denying that, but with major advances in aviation and the lower flight prices, the world seems smaller, simply because we’re able to get out there and see more of it!

If you’ve ever dreamed of going on safari in Kenya, you can now do it much more easily than a few years ago; if you always wanted to spend Christmas Day with Mickey and Minnie in Disney World, then all it takes it a big save up mission, and you can be on a flight during the festive period – you get the picture, it’s basically easier to see the world nowadays.


This is a great thing, right? It’s for this reason I believe that holidays and travel should take major precedence when it comes to priorities. Yes, of course your household bills need to be paid, and this should always be number one, but after that I think holidays are a must. The world is out there to explore!

If you’re of the same viewpoint, you will no doubt be very up to date on how to find cheap flights, the best times to go away, and what you need to remember during the pre-holiday build up. During that build up, do you remember to book your travel insurance?

This should be a definite yes!

Heading away on holiday more than once during a year means that an annual multi-trip travel insurance policy is the way to go, because not only will you save time and stress by only having to remember to do the whole organising insurance thing once, but you will also save money when you compare the cost of several single trip policies against the cost of your one annual policy.


There are a few restrictions with this kind of insurance, but it really only takes a few questions asked to sort it out. For instance, if you’re planning on a few mini breaks in Europe and a big holiday to the USA during that one year period, it’s no good buying a European policy only because it won’t cover you for the USA holiday; instead you need to buy a worldwide policy, so you’re covered for all your destinations. Different companies have different restrictions and definitions, so read the small print and you should be good to go.

Several city breaks during the space of a summer, even if it’s two or three, mean that you’ve seen two or three new destinations, and the great value low-cost airfares you can find nowadays mean this is a definite possibility. What I’m trying to get at is that you don’t have to go off on major six month adventures to see the world, you can do it gradually, visiting several new places during a year, and before you know, you’ll have built up quite the list.