How do you change your bet in an online slots game?

When tackling the online slots world, it can quickly become apparent that there is only so much you can do as a player to increase your chances against the fateful random number generator that video slots stick by – claim your 500 free spins now.

However, the more apt seasoned igamers reading this will know all too well that the player has one massive advantage when placing a bet in an online slots game: being able to change your bet. Not only can you change your bet in an online slots game to save you a bit of cash when it matters most, but you can also change your bet as an active tactic to try and beat the machine!

So, if you are interested in hearing about how you can save money and up your online slots gaming skills by changing your bet then you have certainly come to the right place!

Why would you want to change your bet in an online slots game?

We get that for some players it is all about sticking as much money into the machine as possible in order to get the highest returns. That is a rookie move! Changing your bet in online slot games is a delicate skill that needs to be mastered, and once you have controlled it then you will start to see the real bucks flying in!

Here is why you might want to change your bet while playing slots online:

  •         First, the obvious. If you love playing slots games on the internet but are in a bit of a tight spot when it comes to money, then you have every right to change your bet to one lower. You can still play the games that you love but at a fraction of the price!
  •         Let us get into the tactics. If you are on a massive winning streak and all the signs are there to tell you that the next spin will be the one that pays out big time, perhaps it is time for you to up that bet and earn a little more cash.
  •         Some jackpot slots require a player to enter in the maximum bet possible to even be in for the chance of scoring the coveted reward.
  •         A common myth around slot games is that the odds improve as your bet gets larger. Remember that this is a myth so, if you need to, take that bet right down again!

So, how do you change your bet in a game of online slots?

If you are struggling with changing your bet while playing slots games online, then we have just the guide for you. Follow these short steps to changing your bet in online slots:

  1.       Make sure that there is some money deposited first
  2.       Go onto the game in which you wish to change the bet
  3.       Look on the bottom bar and check for your wager
  4.       Simply click the up/down arrows next to your wager and you will change your bet!