Living With A Chronic Illness: Looking After Yourself In The Workplace

When you are living with a chronic illness, it is extremely important to take extra care of yourself in the workplace. Being in the office isn’t necessarily dangerous. But all the extra stress of work can build up quite a lot, especially when you have a long-term illness. Here are my tips for looking after yourself when you’re busy at work.


Keep Some Medication In Your Drawer

It’s always a good idea to keep some of your medication with you at all times. And one of the best places to keep it at work is in your desk drawer. Make sure your colleagues know that it is here as well. They might need to get to it quickly if you have an accident or require it urgently. If you have things such as EpiPens, you should show a couple of your workmates how to use them, so that they waste no time in an emergency. It’s also a good idea to leave some notes about your condition in case you lose consciousness, and the paramedics are called.

Eliminate Risks And Hazards

This point is especially important if you use a wheelchair or crutches to get around. Any equipment or furniture that is left in your way could result in your having a serious accident. Or you might just not be able to access certain parts of the office. So make sure that there are no potential risks or hazards, especially in your vicinity. Don’t be afraid to ask your colleagues to remove any equipment or items that they accidentally leave in your way. They will be happy to move them for you!


Ensure Your Work Environment Is Not Too Extreme

Your long-term condition might make your body extra fragile. So it is important that your work environment isn’t too extreme. Keep on top of the office temperature so that it is constant. Some health conditions could affect how your body reacts to extreme heat. If you work in a particularly loud office space or workshop, there are certain steps you should take to maintain good hearing. Wear the correct ear protection that your company gives you. Try and take breaks from the constant noise as well. Compensation Claim Solicitor For Deafness Claims can help you claim money. This is important if your workspace environment results in any hearing problems.

Apply For Benefits And Office Adaptations

Depending on your chronic illness, you might be able to apply for certain benefits and adaptations. These can help you with your day-to-day office life. You might find it especially beneficial to have a handrail or stair lift installed into your office. Your company should be able to apply for benefits from the government to help them pay for these adaptations. You should also look into getting optimum desks and office chairs that can help you stay comfortable throughout the day.

There are also some smaller things you can do to ensure you’re looking after yourself at work. Things, like eating healthily and drinking plenty of water, can really help. So follow these points to ensure a comfortable day at work every day!