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Tips for a Great British Road Trip

I love travel, but there’s something special about being huddled together in a car, headed somewhere far but within the comforts of your car. For starters, it’s probably the easiest way to travel with kids. You can make stops whenever you need to, pick up supplies as you need to, and keep a bunch of toys in the car to keep them entertained – something you can’t do on public transport without losing a few along the way. I love road trips – and I think they’re an easy way to create special memories that will last forever. Here are my favourite tips for a great British road trip:

Get Road Assistance:
There’s no faster way to ruin a road trip than by having your car break down. We’ve all experienced a flat tyre, and what a pain it is if you have no way to get it quickly sorted and back on the road. That’s why road side assistance is so important. You can find great vouchers online with My Voucher Codes  to buy discounted break down cover, ensuring that you’re always protected. Don’t let a simple break down get in the way of your great British family road trip.

Make a Playlist:
Depending on the length of your road trip, you might have a section which is a little more boring, not quite as scenic or just long. Having a great playlist will enjoy you’re feeling up beat and energised during your road trip. I personally love finding bad songs from the 80s and 90s that my friends and I can sing along to, as it is super fun and makes the time pass more quickly. Spotify is also a great music player if you have data as you can hunt out some of the best songs by genre, mood, or just check out what your friends are listening to.

Bring Snacks:
One of the joys of a road trip is that you can buy snacks along the way, however if you’re mostly on main roads and only really passing gas stations you’ll find the selection is limited and the prices are steep. I always prefer to go to a supermarket and buy some snacks that will last the entire trip. Things like muesli bars and nuts are a healthy alternative to chips and chocolate bars. Fruit is also a great idea, with seedless grapes being a fruit that’s not messy and easy to share. The healthier your snacks are, the better you’ll feel once you arrive at your destination.

Make Sure You Can Charge Your Phone:
Don’t forget your charger! If you’re using Google Maps or Waze for directions there’s a good chance you’re going to power through your battery. Depending on the style car you’re using it may come with USB ports or need an adapter through the lighter area. Make sure you have everything you need to ensure that you’re not stuck with a flat phone in some random part of the country!

Bring Entertainment for the Little Ones:
If you’re traveling with kids, make sure you bring entertainment for them. The more busy and engaged they are, the more peaceful your trip will be. DVD players and iPads are obvious choices, but more simple things like colouring books can work well if propped on top of something firm like a larger book. Toys are also a great idea for the smaller children as it allows them to bring a little part of home along with them, comforting and entertaining them at the same time.

Road trips are one of the most exciting ways to travel as you get to go at your own pace. Use these tips to make your next British road trip better than ever.