3 Things To Do Around Your House Before Winter

Winter is an extremely unique time of year, and often requires a lot of preparation. The snow and cold weather present some unique challenges for your home, challenges that you likely won’t have to deal with any other time of year. Before the winter season starts, there are several things that you need to do to prepare your home. These items on your preparation list stay the same regardless of whether you’ve lived in your home for years or just closed on one of the brand new Indianapolis houses for sale. So what can you do to prepare your home for the cold? Here are three things to do around your house before the winter season.

Clean Gutters

Although you should have already cleaned out your gutters before fall began, it’s time to clean them out again before winter starts. Leaves frequently fall during the autumn, and by the start of winter, there is likely a decent accumulation of leaves in your gutter. These leaves can freeze during the winter, and their weight combined with the weight from icicles and other debris could cause some damage. Not to mention that the leaves and other debris could cause your gutters to overflow with water, causing major water damage around your home. You don’t want any damage to your home or gutters, so it’s best to clean your gutters out before winter starts. 

Seal Doors and Windows

One thing that can really ruin your winter are holes and cracks in your doors and windows. During the winter months, you’ll likely have your heat to stay as warm as possible. Heating your entire house can be expensive, especially if you don’t employ any strategies to save on your heating bill. Something that can really jack your heating bill up is having openings in your doors and windows. Cold air will seep through these doors and windows, causing your house to become colder and forcing your heater to work harder to cool the home. You don’t want these cracks for two reasons. First, you don’t want your home to be cold during the winter, and letting in too much outside air through cracks and holes can really cool your home down. In addition, these cracks and holes will make your home’s heating process much less efficient, causing you to spend a lot more on your heating bill. If you want your home to be warm during the winter without breaking the bank before winter starts, you should check your doors and windows and ensure that any holes and cracks are completely sealed. 

Stock Up On Winter Essentials

You should also prepare your home for the winter months by stocking up on essential winter supplies that you may need during the winter months. These supplies can encompass a lot of things, but they mostly revolve around ensuring that you can easily and safely travel during winter. Supplies may include salt to melt ice and snow from your driveway, giving you the ability to leave your home. Additionally, you may want to purchase a snow shovel or an ice scraper for around your home if you don’t have one already. Finally, you may want to stock up on extra blankets and warm clothes for both your car and home, just in case you ever find yourself in an emergency situation without power or heat. Having the right winter supplies in your home can make getting through the winter much less of a hassle, so it’s imperative that you stock up before the winter begins.