Fresh off the farm: Modern Interior Ideas For Farmhouse Classics

First impressions last

Indeed, so make sure that your entryway (aka the first thing someone would see when visiting your house) gets all that rustic and farmhouse loving! Stray away from the traditional light wood doors and opt for pastel shades like baby blue or baby pink. Adding glass panels to your entry door is also recommended to promote light in the interiors.

Wooden console tables are good choices for furniture, especially with a white lamp to top it off. Woven baskets can also be a thing if you want to go for the traditional farmhouse aesthetic.

For the walls, let the warm shine through by putting family photos in frames and dedicating a wall for all those family memorabilia. After all, nothing says welcome home like family photos!

Stair all you want

Probably the next thing that a visitor sees after the entryway, your stairs need to be all dolled up, too! Consider painting the railings a dark shade of grey or black to couple it up with the white walls and brown wood steps. At the base of the stairs, pick a potted plant with large foliage and set it beside the railing. A patterned rug is also recommended as an accent item to the wooden flooring.

If you have a spacious home, you can always opt for pieces of furniture such as a wooden bench, some white wood cabinets, and then couple them up with white or light brown throw pillows to add that touch of warmth to your home. Rattan pieces make a good rustic addition to your white walls so consider those, too. The key here is to decorate your stairway using browns and whites to achieve the farmhouse feel that you want.

It’s called ‘living room’ for a reason

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Yes, so it’s important that the feel your room gives lives up to that! Start with the flooring—a patterned rug will do you best, and don’t worry if it’s faded because this adds an old, homely quality to your living room. Settle with some beige or white sofas and pair them with nice throw pillows that can be white or patterned with grey. Side drawers are good living room accents, too; just make sure that they go well with the motif.

For your centerpiece, a simple cushioned wooden table would be perfect. Add a basket with a plant on top and you’re good to go.

If you still feel that the area is empty, feel free to have lampshades on the drawers and decorative frames on the walls. Flowers (be it plastic or actual living ones) would be great additions to the room, too.

The great outdoors

If you have a front porch or a backyard, know that both are good spots for lounging with the family! To achieve that comfy feel while giving a twist to the outdoor lounge spot, go for woven furniture and big, white pillows for each porch chair. Thick blankets are a thumbs-up, too! Set up small round tables for picnics and surround the area with yellow lights for that soft look at night.

Adding a brick fireplace or marble countertops will take the decors up a notch, but these are optional.

On the other hand, don’t worry if you don’t have a spacious porch! A good one-item accent for the area would be a white hammock with some threads and frills hanging from it. This is more of a boho-style decor but works well for rustic farmhouse themes, too. Add a woven basket and keep the yellow lights, and you’re all set!

No buts for the bath

Just because it isn’t something that a visitor first sees doesn’t mean that it needs zero effort. The bathroom can be easily styled by matching it with the entryway, so you’ll be needing some wooden pieces (baskets for holding towels and toiletries) and dirty gold wall accent items. Go for a marble or concrete countertop and consider wood-framing your vanity mirror to give a rough effect. For an additional decor idea, you can put a simple indoor plant in a clear glass vase to adorn your bathroom countertop.

Best of the bedroom

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This is where you go to rest so it’s a must that this room exudes the best homey farmhouse vibe for a comfy night’s sleep! White bed frames are great to get that clean and minimalist vibe. Just like in your living room, white drawers or side tables will work well with lampshades and can be complemented by farmhouse wall art. A patterned beige carpet will make your white bed frames stand out so make sure you get one, too. Lastly, opt for white curtains and large windows to let light in during daytime.