Why You Should Never Forget the Importance of Mobile Phones in Business

Mobile phones play a role in the daily lives of the majority of people in 2021. They are used for everything from work to ordering groceries. Just as businesses had to adapt to the increased use of computers during the 2000 switch, they now need to adapt to the use of mobile phones in the 2020s. It is easy to assume that mobile phones are just an extension of the use of laptops and computers, but they present unique challenges and opportunities for businesses. If you don’t know about their importance in the business world, you need to understand a few things about their uses and applications.

Mobile Phones Host Internet Traffic

According to a WARC estimation, about 2 billion people currently only have access to the internet from their smartphone. That is more than half of all mobile users in the world. This figure is only expected to increase – experts are predicting that almost 75% of all people using the internet will do so only via their mobile by 2025. That is almost 3.7 billion people. It is easy to underestimate the importance of these statistics. Surely a mobile phone is just a smaller version of a computer: what challenges can this actually present? According to magecloud.agency, mobile phones present distinct challenges to website development front-end customization. As more and more people are using their mobile phones to access the internet, businesses need to remember how this shift is impacting their potential for engaging with customers. Forgetting the importance of mobile phones leaves you vulnerable to the possibility of losing customers and traffic as your site has not been optimized to function on mobiles.

The Amount of Time Consumers Spend on Their Phones Is Increasing

In 2012, the average amount of time US adults spent on their mobile phone each day was 1 hour 22 minutes. Now, just 8 years later, the average time that Americans spend on their phones daily is 5.4 hours. These statistics shed light on the potential that mobiles can offer – they will provide you with increased opportunities to interact with customers and reach new audiences.

Forgetting the importance of mobile phones means potentially missing out on valuable customer relationship-building time.

Mobile Phones Offer New Potential

Mobile phones offer new possibilities – especially if you can afford a mobile app. Having a mobile application enables your brand to hold a valuable piece of virtual real estate. Rather than via a website, or even a social media page, a user does not need to click onto a search engine or social media platform to be reminded of your brand. Your brand icon will be there, providing constant reminder of brand presence. This new opportunity should not be underestimated as it offers yet another chance to build a stronger relationship with your customer base, and increase your brand’s presence.

Neglecting Mobile Can Hurt Your Brand

Studies have found that customers who have a negative mobile experience are 60% less likely to purchase from that brand again in the future.

A negative brand experience will make somebody far less likely to return to any product or service that your brand offers now or in the future. Forgetting the importance of mobile not only means that you are losing out on many valuable opportunities, but you could actually inadvertently be hurting your brand too.