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How to arrange things in your home

There are numerous ways to approach interior design. Better yet, there is no right or wrong way. Whatever suits your style can be experimented with even if it doesn’t provide the results you expected.

Great thing about furniture and other trinkets is that you can always create something amazing by simply repositioning them. Something that is bad on paper can return some astonishing results.

Let’s check some ways you can arrange things in your home totally revamping your interior.

 1. Mirror for your bedroom

Most people like having a mirror in the bathroom.

Although this isn’t a bad approach, it is also very valuable having one in your bedroom. Simply put, when you put makeup, it may be really troublesome doing it while standing up. It is much better if you’re seated as it allows you to relax.

One of the best options in that regard is to shop at professional makeup mirror also has a lot of light bulbs that will illuminate your face from different angles. And you know how important this is. With such a model, you can always be certain that every inch of your face is covered.

 2. Buying smaller furniture

Somehow we are used to buying big family furniture.

Although there is nothing wrong with that (especially if you have a big family) you should definitely think about downsizing.

Smaller furniture can fit almost anywhere. On top of it, given that families are smaller and smaller and unfortunately people aren’t as social anymore, this gives you space for some other items. For example, with this approach you can have larger space for TV and electronics. Also, this gives your kid more space for goofing around.

3.       Focusing on one piece

Although architecture is all about combining different pieces, you can do a lot by placing emphasis on just one piece of furniture.

This method is great if most of your furniture is cheap or old or if you don’t have money to get additional items.

First of all, you can place focus through positioning. What do I mean by that? Simply place a big cupboard or sofa in the middle of the room while moving everything else on the sidelines.

Second way of creating thing illusion is by making color combinations. For example, if everything else in the room is white, by getting a blue sofa you are making a visual contrast affecting your guests’ perception.

 4. Filling your corners

Most people hate filling their corners with stuff. In some cases homeowners will put lamps, plants and minor items there, just as a way to fill the space. However, there is a much better way to utilize this part of a room.

Corners are great for positioning items and furniture that we otherwise wouldn’t like to present to our guests. If you have something in different colors or that goes against rest of the room, this is the ideal position for it.

Do not be shy and place bigger items there such as closets, cupboards etc.

 5.  Focus on fabric/material

Although we usually place emphasis on color, material used for furniture should also be considered.

For example, we can only use pieces made from wood even if they have different nuances. You can use leather furniture in the same room (as long as the colors are not extremely different.

This is definitely something that will make your room different and still very stylish.

6. Mount what you can

Flats and houses around the world are becoming smaller and smaller, especially in crowded cities like London.
Since flats and houses are becoming smaller and smaller, you should look for creative solutions. Instead of letting things take up precious floor space, keep them in a vertical place.

Floating shelves, magnetic spice racks, overhead net storage, and mounting your TV on the wall are some examples of this. Most of the suggestions are DIY-friendly. But if you want to get rid of your entertainment centre, TV and aerial installations specialists based in London are the way to go. They can securely mount your TV on the wall, giving you more living space.


Interior design usually revolves around few basic premises.

However, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t experiment and find our own styles. Just by checking a few magazines you might find your dream room.