Tricks all Contact Lens Wearers Need to Know

Whether you’re new to wearing contact lenses or you’ve had them for a while, these are tips and tricks all contact lens wearers need to know to keep their eyes healthy and comfortable.

Stay Hydrated

You might not think there’s a link between wearing lenses and hydration, but surprisingly there is. It’s important to drink plenty of water anyway for better health but especially if you’re a contact lens wearer. Your eyes can become dry and itchy when you spend long periods staring at computer screens or in areas where you’re exposed to heating or air conditioning, and this can become worse if you wear lenses. Keeping your body topped up with water throughout the day will benefit your eyes and ensure they stay comfortable.

Follow the Prescribed Wearing Schedule

Your optician will talk to you about where and for how long you should wear your lenses and it’s important to stick to this advice. You should only wear your lenses for the amount of time your optician says is safe and always replace your lenses according to their prescribed schedule as well. It might be tempting to try and stretch out how long you wear your lenses for so you can get more use out of them, but this can increase the risk of you developing an eye infection. Unless your optician says it’s ok to, never sleep in your lenses either. Suppliers also offer the ability to deliver your contact to your door with Pure Optical, having new lenses just in time for when you need them.

Don’t Take Cleaning Shortcuts

Cleanliness is paramount when it comes to wearing lenses, so don’t take any shortcuts when it comes to cleaning them. Make sure that if you’re using reusable lenses, you rub them gently with a fresh saline solution when taking them out to make sure they’re clean, and that you always have clean, dry hands when you’re handling the lenses to prevent bacteria from spreading. It’s also important to keep the case clean and to replace it regularly so that there’s no risk of bacteria developing.

If you think that you’d prefer an easier routine and you don’t want to have to worry about cleaning your lenses, disposable lenses might be a more convenient option for you. These are options you can discuss with your optician to find a contact lens that best suits your budget and lifestyle.


A lot of people worry about touching contact lenses – they think they’re going to tear the lens or scratch their eyes, or they might even panic that the lens will slip behind their eye and get stuck. But there’s no need to worry. Inserting and removing your lenses might make you nervous at first but once you get to grips with the process, you’ll soon learn that it’s much easier and quicker than you first thought.

Providing your hands are clean and you’re following the correct procedure when it comes to putting them in and taking them out, there’s no need to worry. Plus, your lenses can’t get stuck behind your eye so you can rest assured that you’re safe using them day to day.