How to Make Your Garden Fit for Barbecue Season

Summer is well and truly underway, and some people have already had a few barbecues to start off the season with a bang. Having a barbecue in your back garden can be a great way of getting together with friends or family and having a fun time while enjoying some good food. Before you invite anyone to your home, you need to make sure that your garden is fit for entertaining and there are some things that you should consider. Think about things like the seating area, the lights and where you are going to store your drinks if you to create the perfect barbecue area. Keep reading to find out how to make your garden fit for barbecue season below.

The Flooring

You’ll want to make sure that you have a good space for having your barbecue and that the right type of flooring is in place. Why not think about adding some timber, plastic sheeting or a nice patio to a section of your garden? If you already have a nice area, you should make sure that it is cleaned and maintained properly to make it a comfortable barbecue area. If you’d rather have a grass area, then you should cut it in preparation for the big event.

The Drinks

Got a garden shed? Why not turn it into a cool bar that you can serve your friends drinks from when they come around for a barbecue? Check out some of the wooden sheds from Buy Sheds Direct that are perfect for setting up a bar in your back garden. You can add a nice bar top, some beer taps and a fridge that you can use to keep your alcohol cool during the summer. Your friends will always choose your home first when it comes to organising a barbecue because of your great new outdoor bar.


When the sun is out, a barbecue can begin but when it gets a little darker you need to have some sort of artificial lighting to keep it going. To make the perfect barbeque area, you will need to invest in some stringed lights that can surround your area and light it up so that your guests can have a good time. Get creative with your lighting if you want to create a great atmosphere. Consider creating a path of lights from your back door right up to your barbecue area and add some colours to help make the place seem inviting.

The Barbecue

Disposable barbecues are for the beach, not for entertaining your guests in your back garden. If you really want to make your garden fit for barbecue season, then you need to invest in a nice barbecue. Think carefully about how many people you are likely to be entertaining at one time and choose one that is fit for purpose. Get yourself some nice cooking utensils and an apron that will help you to look the part and make yourself seem like a professional.

The Seating

No one wants to sit on the floor or on an assortment of old chairs when they come to a barbecue. If you really want to impress your guests, you need to think about your seating arrangements and come up with something amazing to place in your barbecue area. Why not invest in a nice picnic bench? Or some garden furniture that is made for entertaining? You could even take some of your old furniture and upcycle it to make it look amazing in your garden. The most important thing is to not ignore the seating as you will only end up dragging chairs from different parts of your house outside. Think ahead and create the perfect barbecue seating area.

Final Thoughts

Getting your barbecue area right is really important if you want your friends and family to have a good time and come back again. If you take some time to think about the important things like the choice of flooring or the seating, then you can be sure that your garden is fit for barbecue season. Don’t forget to add some nice lights that will help to create a great atmosphere once the sun goes down and the party continues. Before you get started on anything, you should plan out your area carefully and work on things like cutting the grass and tidying up to ensure that you are creating a great place to entertain.

Make sure that you get yourself a nice barbecue and that you store it carefully in your shed or storage unit so that you can continue to use it for many years. Once you’ve got your garden totally ready for barbecue season, you can enjoy many parties without having to leave your home.