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What Are The Different Printed Packing Film Services Available For My Business

Packaging can be an important element of how your brand competes in the store. If you want to make sure that you have high-quality packaging that attracts customers to your products when they are shopping, you may want to consider custom pouches packaging. This is a great way to design high-definition packaging with excellent features that can be store and shipped flat.

Lay Flat Pouches

Lay flat pouches are a great option for many products. As the name implies, they are intended to be laid flat on the shelf. They can also be placed in display cartons. They are great for foods such as candy, chips and nuts. They are also popular for items such as supplements.

You can order them in a wide variety of sizes to suit the unique needs of your products. Furthermore, they are typically designed to be tear- and puncture-resistant. So, you can be confident that your products will be protected.

Another advantage of lay-flat and other pouches is that they can be stores and transported in rolls or stacks when the product hasn’t been placed in them. That means that your business can save a lot of money on transportation and storage. Flat pouch packaging is a great option for many businesses.

Stand Up Pouches

If you want something that literally stands out on the shelf, consider stand-up pouches. These are similar to the lay-flat option, but they have a special bottom that lets them stand straight up. This is a great way to ensure that you get even more visibility when you are competing in a retail environment.

One of the key advantages of film and pouches is that they can be printed with high-definition designs. This means that you can have more colorful and eye-catching packaging. This can make an enormous difference on the shelf. As anyone who has shopped in a busy store knows, the item that catches your eye first is more likely to end up in your cart.

Like lay-flat pouches, these can be shipped and stored easily. So, you don’t have to worry about excessive costs just to have a more visible packaging option.


Both of the above styles can be created as sustainable packaging. They can be made with recyclable mylar. This means that you can offer your customers an eco-friendly option. It is sustainable and a competitive advantage.

In the modern market, consumers are looking for brands that care about the environment. This is a good way to show that your values are well-aligned with your customers’. It can make the difference between a sale and the customer moving on. Furthermore, features like recyclable materials can encourage customers to come back.

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Discover more about how printed packaging film and pouches can help you to be more effective at the point of purchase. As you likely know, packaging can be the difference-making factor in a retail environment. So, don’t let your products languish on the shelf because you didn’t bother researching and investing in your packaging options. Get started today and see what you can achieve for your brand.