The Mold In Your Home And Where To Find Them

You might be thinking “why would I need to look for mold in my house?”. Simply put, finding, identifying, and getting rid of mold is important for your family’s health. If you leave the tiniest mold to grow, it could grow at an exponential rate that would endanger your family. Mold reduces the air quality of your home and could trigger allergies and cause sickness. If you or your family feel dizzy, have watery eyes, and often have headaches, you might have mold present in your home. So here are the most likely places you could find mold in your home.

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The Basement

Basements often have a lack of ventilation, quite warm, and moist, these three things are what mold requires to live. Checking your basement every few months for mold is essential as it would be the most likely place for mold to grow. If you leave it alone the mold could spread fast and all over your house. I made that mistake and had to look for professionals like Disaster Plus to completely get rid of the mold infestation.

Crawl Spaces

One of the two places in this list we would hardly ever check, crawl spaces are often left alone for years, or even decades. It might be a bit of a bother, but checking your crawlspace every few months could save you a lot of money. Doing it as part of your spring cleaning would be an effective way of doing it.

Ventilation Ducts

The second place we never check is our home, but the most dangerous place to have mold. Spores spread through the air, harmful to breathe, and mold’s way of spreading, your ventilation system is a great way for it to directly harm your family and increase the growth of mold in your house.


Mold could be growing underneath your feet right at this moment. Carpets cover your floor and absorb/store moisture, making it the perfect area for mold to breed and grow. If you have carpeted floors, the best you can do is to make sure to always keep them clean and dry, if you leave them be, you might have to replace your carpets.

The Best Way To Avoid Mold Growth

We already know what molds need to grow; warmth, moisture, and darkness. While you need warmth in your home and you can’t shine a light on your basement and crawlspace 24/7, you can deprive molds of moisture. Checking for pipe leaks ever so often and routinely using dehumidifiers at damp places in your home is a good way to do this. Open your curtains and let the sunshine in during sunny days to help reduce the chances of mold developing in your home.