4 Tips for an Upcoming Move

Moving can be extremely stressful but there are a few simple things you can do in order to make things go more smoothly. I’m planning to move next month and while I’m not looking forward to the actual moving aspect, I’m looking forward to being in my new home. As I’m a month out, I’ve already started making steps now to make the move as easy as possible. Here are my top 4 tips for an upcoming move.

1. Get Movers

Good movers are one thing that I’m always happy to invest in. I personally don’t have a ton of physical strength and once I helped my friend move a fridge up a hill and let me say I’ll never do that again. Hiring professional movers means that they not only have the knowledge of how to properly move and carry your valuables and large possessions, but they have the tools to easily do so as well. It might seem like a big investment, but if you can budget ahead of time for movers it is well worth the cost. You’re going to want to check out the best moving companies and maybe compare quotes across the board to find one that fits your budget the best. There are also companies like www.bciworldwide.com/ that focus on international freight forwarding.

2. Ask Around

You might be surprised by how many friends and family members are actually happy to help you move. I always suggest buying your friends or family a gift for helping you out, after all, they’ve taken time out of their weekend in order to help make things easier for you. I would also ask around in advance, especially if you’re moving during the summer months when people’s calendars fill up quickly. Oregon Wine Tasting Rooms | Visit | Naked Winery offers wonderful wine delivery gifts if you want to treat the special people who helped make your move easier.

3. Start Now

I’ve already started sorting through my clothes and things. Many of us end up with clothes we used to love but simply don’t wear anymore. Maybe they no longer fit us, maybe they’re just no longer our style, but for whatever reason, they’re just sitting there collecting dust. I think it makes sense to either donate or sell the clothes, rather than holding onto all that baggage you simply won’t use. Consider getting a dumpster rental to easily toss junk and items not suitable for donation. The same goes for random things around the home, you’ll likely find that it is better to sell the things that you’re not using rather than to just have them taking up space. The more you can get rid of before you actually start moving, the easier your move will be. I personally like to start sorting my things out about a month out from the move, but if you’re hoping to sell a lot it might make sense to start even earlier.

4. Give Yourself Time

Moving is a big process and there’s nothing worse than underestimating how long the move will take. I suggest budgeting as much cushion time as you can afford. The last time I moved I had a three-week period between when I had to hand over my previous house and when I already had keys to my new house. This meant I could move slowly over the course of three weeks and dramatically reduced my overall stress levels.

I hope these tips for your upcoming move helped you – just remember to take it one step at a time.