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Three Things You Should Never Compromise on When Buying A Home

When you’re looking for a new home, chances are you have a wishlist as long as your arm of things you want it to be. But unless you have all of the money in the world, you’re probably going to have to be flexible. Remember, in many cases, you can make renovations to get things looking the way you want, so if things aren’t perfect, they don’t have to be a dealbreaker. However there are some things that you really shouldn’t compromise on, or you might feel extremely regretful later down the line! Here are three of them.

The Area

You can change your property, but when it comes to the area, you’re stuck with what you have. For this reason, it’s very important to choose wisely. It’s easy to be wowed when you think you’ve found the perfect home, but the location is so important. Is it near a noisy or busy road, train track or airport? What are the crime levels like? Are there good transport links for work, and are there good schools and parks nearby? When you’ve shortlisted your potential homes, be sure to go through each of these points. Ideally, you will visit the house at different times of day, on weekdays and weekends just to make sure there are no busy times or anything that catches you off guard. There might be a lot to think about when you’re buying a home, but the area the property is in should never be overlooked.


The Size of the House and Garden

While in some cases you can extend your property later down the line if your family grows, it can cause a lot of stress and money. Finding somewhere that’s already a suitable size is worthwhile, even if it means being flexible on other things. If you’re a couple or small family a single family home is likely to suffice, real estate companies like Waller Real Estate Group specialize in these. If you know you want a big family and are planning to have lots of children it could be worth bearing this in mind when choosing a property if you know this is going to be yours forever home. Another thing to bear in mind is the size of the garden. Unlike the house, this can never be extended, and so you’re stuck with what you have. If you want to spend time outside in the summer entertaining and hosting family barbecues, or if you want space for your children to run around and play you shouldn’t compromise here. Even if the house is fantastic, it’s likely to be something you regret later down the line.

The Plumbing, Air Conditioning, and Electrics

These are three things that will come at a major cost to reinstall or repair, and so it should be something you take seriously when looking at a house. It’s always worth having a survey done to assess the condition of these things, that way if they’re not up to scratch you can at least ask for the price to be knocked down to reflect the work you will need to do. Since rewiring, plumbing and air conditioning can involve going into walls and through floors you also have to factor in the time and cost of putting any decor right and making repairs too.