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How to Make a Buyer Fall in Love With Your Home

The real estate market is a cutthroat one with a lot of competition which is why sellers have to find new and inventive ways to make their properties stand out. A unique approach that some daring realtors have started using is to try and make the buyers fall in love with a home. This is typically done by selling them a dream instead of just a home, but how exactly is it achieved? Let’s find out.

What is selling a dream?

When you sell dreams, you’re selling not just the home in front of you to the buyer, but also a vision. For instance, if you see a couple with a pregnant woman looking for houses to buy, you can immediately discern that they are most likely looking for a bigger home to give them a place to raise a family. You can sell the home by making use of this information. For starters, hint at the backyard being a wonderful place for children to frolic and play, or talk about how the unused rooms can easily be converted into extra bedrooms.

Attention to detail

Have you ever wondered what makes a successful salesman? It’s their passion, drive, the way the speak, and their enthusiasm for the product they sell. For instance, do you know the difference between a patio or pergola? Pergolas are used to add privacy to a garden space and since there’s a sturdy roof, it can turn a garden into a dynamic extra room. A patio, on the other hand, is mainly used to give a house a spacious feel and to add value to the home through luxury. Most people in the world couldn’t tell the difference and they might not even know what a pergola is, but the more you dazzle your buyers with your lingo and expertise, the more likely they are to fall in love with the property you are selling.

Be spotless and seasonal

A great way to add love to your home is to first be spotless. You want to ensure there’s not a single speck of dust nor a stain in sight. Clean the home over and over again, make sure every shining surface reflects light, and don’t leave anything untouched. Next, you want to be seasonal. When it’s summer, open the curtains, set up some drinks out in the garden, and mow the lawn so that it looks the part. When it’s winter, close the doors, dim the lights and turn on the fireplace. It’s important that you add to the illusion of selling a dream by making the house look like it can be lived in.

Work from the outside in

If the outside of the home doesn’t look good, then what will it say about the inside? Ensure that the outside of the home is well kept, that there are no power tools or random signs laying around from the development process, and keep the lawn clean of weeds. It doesn’t take much to turn off a potential buyer, and you need to make your home look attractive all throughout without any compromises.