When You’re Looking For A New Place To Live, Who Says It Has To Be A House?

When you decide that it’s time to find a new home, you can often be looking for something in particular. If you’ve always lived in the same style of house, it’s likely that you’ll be looking for another place that follows suit. But just because you’ve always lived in one style of house, it doesn’t mean you can make a change now. When you’re looking at moving house, why not think about the full range of housing options that are available to you? You may find something you’ve never thought of that completely steals your heart.


At one point, apartments used to be that tiny hole in the wall that you moved into in college or to start out life in. But gone are the days where the apartment means substandard living. Today, you can get incredible space in complexes and new multifamily developments that are just as spacious and impressive as houses. Plus, you often get access to amazing amenities that you wouldn’t necessarily have in your family home.


Sometimes, you can find that living across a bunch of different levels can be exhausting. If you’re done with stairs, and you want to give single level living a go, a bungalow is always a great option. Not only do you often find that these homes are extra spacious, but you may also benefit from a slower pace of living without all of that running up and down the stairs!


Depending on what part of the country you live in, or are looking to live in, you might want to open your eyes up to alternative home styles. Sometimes, a ranch or farm could be exactly what you need. You can often find that ranch or farm properties are now also for sale without the commercial side, meaning that they are no longer working ranches or farms, just homes. With properties like this, you often get a lot of space both inside and out. The properties themselves are built to house lots of different goings on, and there is often a lot of land included as it would have once been worked on as a part of the industry.


If you want to have a life out in the country, or even enjoy small town living, why not think about opting for a cottage style house? Technically this is still a house, but it’s not the normal American Colonial that we see everywhere. Instead, these houses are often modeled on British cottages, look super cute and can be comforting too. It could be the perfect style for you if you want to grow a beautiful garden and be a part of a close-knit community.


Maybe you’re looking for something completely different? When that’s the case, why not think about a movable home? If you like the idea of being able to move around freely, houseboat living could be the choice for you. Not only are you on the water, but you have the same standard of living as if you were in a regular home.