6 Simple Ways to Tell if a Type B RV is Right for You

Type B RV’s have become one of the most popular RV Classes and have become quite the rage these days. Commonly referred to as “van campers”, they drive similar to a big family van or SUV but offer the comfort and convenience of a typical RV.

They have bathrooms, a sleeping area, and even dining and kitchen facilities.

But, is a Type B RV right for you?

Depending on your goals and what you’ll be using it for, a Type B RV may or may not be your best bet. Below are 6 ways to tell if it’s right for you.

  1. Type B RV’s get Good Gas Mileage

Gas out on the open road can get expensive quick, especially with a a big RV. Type B RV’s actually get fairly decent gas mileage, averaging between 18-25 miles per gallon.

Compared to 8-10 miles per gallon for Type A and C’s, this is a significant saving that adds up quick.

  1. How Many People in Your Family?

Type B RV’s are much smaller than your typical Type A’s and C’s. That means family road trips are going to be extremely cramped, if not impossible, with a Type B RV. If there are more than one or two of you living together, it may be a good idea to consider something bigger.

  1. Type B RV’s Drive Like a Car

Type B RV’s are meant for easily maneuvering wherever you want to go. Sometimes that’s restaurant parking lots off the highway or a remote camp site in a national park. They can also be used as a second car around the neighborhood, since they’re not much bigger than your typical family vehicle.

If driving around in an oversized vehicle isn’t your style, then a Type B RV may be a solid choice for you.

  1. Are You an Adventurer?

Most type B RV owners tend to love the outdoors much more than Type A and C owners. Due to the adventurous nature of a smaller RV, it’s easier to pick-up and go at a moment’s notice.

Many folks who own Type B RV’s are explorers who don’t like to sit in one spot for too long and would prefer hopping to a new, exciting location frequently.

They are also perfect for longer, international adventures as well. According to Outdoorsy, the RV rental marketplace, you can rather easily take your Type B RV across the U.S. – Canada border.

The possibilities are literally endless.

  1. Easy to Set-up and Take Down

Think of the difference between a hard top Jeep and a soft shell Jeep – it’s much easier to unzip the soft shell and then zip it back on. A Type B RV is the same way. It’s incredibly easy to park in a camping spot, hook up your equipment, and be ready to go in minutes.

Repositioning a Type B is also much easier than its bigger brother and sister (Type A’s and C’s). Try moving a poorly parked Type A to level out the trailer – much harder than a van camper, that’s for sure.

  1. Convenient for Non-Touring Road Trips

Taking an 8-hour road trip to visit some extended family in New York? No problem in a Type B camper. The gas mileage as mentioned is competitive, plus, it’s much roomier than your typical road trip vehicle.

In a pinch, it has all the amenities one might need on the road, plus a little bit of added comfort. It would also be perfect for saving money in lieu of a hotel for an overnight stay.


Type B RV’s continue to be a growing item of interest to many explorers of all age groups. If you’re considering buying a Type B RV check these loan rates for new and used RV’s, hopefully this guide has helped you make your decision a little easier.