Does Your Home Have an Emergency Kit

Are you prepared for the next big disaster? Are you ready for an earthquake, hurricane, a disease outbreak, or any other thing that Mother Nature may throw at us? Does your home have an emergency kit?

If you answered β€œno” to these questions then you are in the right place.

What Is An Emergency Kit?

Also referred to as a disaster, preparedness or survival kit, an emergency kit is an essential pack of supplies that will be used during natural or man-made disasters. Its sole purpose is to ensure the safety of everyone who is using it.

Over the years, time has taught us one important lesson- we should always be prepared for the worst, especially since we do not know what tomorrow will bring. Coming to think of it, the list of possible worst-case scenarios is never-ending.Β 

This is why you should be prepared for the unknown and thus, have a special kit that will serve you during emergency periods.

If you already have a kit that serves emergency purposes, then congratulations to you. Crises are terrifying. Preparation is the only way to make them less terrifying. On the other hand, if your home lacks this all-important kit, then it is time to put it together.

So, let’s get started! Here are all the must-haves for your home emergency kit:


  • Food and water


Food and water are important elements that aid in human survival. Because eight glasses of water are recommended per person, on a daily basis, then it only makes sense to include water in your survival kit.

Additionally, non-perishable food items will help you and your loved ones beat the hunger as you wait for help during a pandemic. Ideally, you should include cutlery and a can opener with your stash of food.Β 

This will help with easy accessibility. The best food items for an emergency kit are those that do not require a lot of heating and/or preparation. Granola bars, cereal, nuts, and canned tuna are common food options that should always make the list.


  • A first aid kit and medication


With a first aid kit, it will be easy to respond to injuries and other medical conditions. Stocking on the right medical supplies means a lesser chance of infections or serious wounds during a pandemic when hospitals are not necessarily functional.Β 

It is advisable to stop small wounds in their tracks before they turn into serious infections. Remember to include the right medical supplies for family members with pre-existing conditions.


  • Toiletries and other sanitary items


We are not exempt from good hygiene during a calamity.Β  No matter what is happening around you, a little cleanliness will always go a long way.

Β As you can never foretell the availability of water during crisis periods, it is best to include toiletries that can be used without water in your emergency kit.Β 

Wet wipes or moist towelette will come in handy at all times. Do not forget a stash of hand sanitizers, toilet paper, and an array of hygiene products.


  • Lighting


When a calamity occurs, high chances are that it will disrupt lighting in your home. This is because electricity posts may be dismantled during an earthquake or a hurricane. As such, your emergency lighting will suffice.Β 

Camping lanterns and hand-crank flashlights are excellent lighting sources because they do not require the use of batteries. With good lighting, you will be able to see through dark corners or passageways.


  • Blankets, sleeping bags, and warm clothing


You will need to keep warm at night and also have a clean change of clothes in the mornings. Therefore, it is important to include sleeping items and warm clothing in your preparedness kit. Keeping warm and clean can bring about a much-needed aura of comfort amidst calamity.

Emergencies are unpredictable and they can happen to you at any time. Do not be in for the rude awakening- the right kind of preparation is the key to survival when things do not go as planned.

Β An emergency kit is not only affordable but also easy to put together. You do not have to include every essential item at once. You can build your ideal kit as you go. Most importantly, having a survival kit will put your mind at ease and make you feel more secure when it comes to handling the unexpected.

If your home does not have an emergency kit then it is time to put one together. You never know when you will need it.