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Be like Bond – buy these gadgets

Daniel Craig’s still in the driving seat, Monica Bellucci by his side and Ralph Fiennes as the crotchety M – Bond is returning soon, so we’ve found some top tech to celebrate.

Indeed, no matter how the Bond franchise has evolved, gadgets have always been part and parcel of the stealth and espionage mayhem.

As soon as Q enters the scene, you’ll be treated to a parade of invisible cars, grappling suspenders and industrial laser cannons, all about as close to reality as a unicorn on the moon.

While we’ve not found anything quite so outlandish, we can promise you some Bond-like goodies that would make Q green with envy.

So, have a look, Mr Bond – we’ve been expecting you.


The Man with the Google Glass

Those super-boffins at Google have always been one step ahead of the curve with gadgetry, and their Google Glass Is no different.

The cutting edge of wearable tech, this would seem otherworldly in a Bond film – yet it’s happening in the real world.

Essentially it’s a pair of glasses that can transmit the internet straight into your peepers. With the literal blink of an eye, you’ll be able to snap a photo of your surroundings, start a video recording and share your findings instantly on the web.

Just imagine being able to Google a someone just before you meet them. Whether you’re rendezvousing with a KGB operative or your latest in a long line of Bond girls, you’ll never run short of conversation topics.



Back in the bad old days, when the world lived in black and white and George Lazenby was considered an appropriate person to play Bond, cameras were hulking, bulking masses.

Setting one up required a million wires and more expertise than a keyhole surgeon. Oh, how times have changed.

Now, the budding secret agent can pick up a wireless spy camera with a transmission viewable from any mobile device.

You could hide it in your home to keep an eagle eye out for burglars or install it in your office to make sure your employees are doing their job. No matter what your intentions, even the cheapest options provide top-notch video and sound quality – so get recording.



A tried and tested staple of the spy’s repertoire, lock picking is a must to infiltrate secret facilities.

The modern lock-picker doesn’t just settle for a simple hairpin, however. Instead, they take more of a Swiss army knife approach to a difficult lock.

Some suppliers can provide you with a credit card hiding as many shapes, styles and steels to make picking a lock a cinch.

Just make sure you don’t use these gadgets for nefarious purposes – no one wants to see super-Bond become a supervillain.