Bored? Here’s how to spend your free time

If you’re continually finding that you’re getting bored, you may need some new ideas for ways you can keep yourself entertained. Often we’re so busy with work, family, and friends, that when we finally get some time to ourselves we have no idea what to do with it.

Here are some things you can do in your free time that will also keep boredom at bay:

Play the odds

If you enjoy betting, check out the Asian handicap odds, which you’ll find over at 12bet. This is a great way to not only keep yourself busy and entertained either on the weekend or after work, but you may even find that you make a little money on the side if you’re good at playing those odds.

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Get Social

Studies have shown that even though we have so much social media at our fingertips and we’re so connected, we’re actually becoming worse at forming relationships, and our friendships are suffering. It’s important to remember that sending someone a quick message on your lunch break is not the same as spending quality time with them, reading their body language, hearing about their lives, and having a laugh.
We’re all so busy that it can be hard to find time to be social, but if you do find that you have some free time on your hands, why not message a few friends and see if they can come over for a quick drink, head out for an afternoon walk, or even go out for dinner?

Work on your body

Most of us have some serious resolutions for 2017, and it’s likely that you’re aiming to get your health in order. If you need to take control of your weight or you’d just like to work on your fitness, you probably have more time to do this than you think- particularly if you’re finding that you’re continually getting bored.

If you’re not sure about what you should be eating, check out some of the excellent and informative blog posts about IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros), which is a great way to take the weight off slowly while building muscle and staying healthy. You’ll also need to do some exercise, so now is a great time to join the gym or take up a new sport. If you’re the type of person who hates the gym, you may want to get a personal trainer to teach you the best exercises for solid results so you can get in and out of the gym quickly, or find a gym that has some fun classes like Body Pump and Body Combat so you can enjoy the process.


Learn a language

If you’ve always wanted to learn a language, you may feel intimidated and not even know where to start. But this isn’t something that happens overnight, so the best idea is to begin whenever you have some free time- try out some apps like Duo Lingo, or sign up for a beginners class so you can get learning in your free time.