How to Find your Perfect Holiday

Have you been wondering where the best destination is for your perfect holiday? Maybe you’ve been thinking about taking the trip of a lifetime, but you simply can’t narrow down the best place for you and/or your family and friends?

First of all, spend some time getting some perspective, and recognise that this is an awesome problem to have. Not only are you going to go on an incredible holiday, but your biggest problem is choosing from so many amazing destinations to find the pick of the bunch. There are definitely worse problems to have.

That’s not to say that it’s not a tricky situation to be in. If this is a holiday you’ve been thinking about for a long time, it’s natural to put a lot of pressure on yourself to find the best possible destination to ensure that both you and your travel partner or family have the best time possible.


It could also be that you’re one of those people who tends to stick to the same type of place, or even the same exact destination each time you go on holiday. This is more common than you’d think, and if you’ve had an outstanding time each time you’ve visited, it’s natural to assume that another place may not live up to the experiences you’ve had at your old trusty holiday spot. But if this is your thought process, remember you could be cheating yourself out of an amazing opportunity to have a completely different (but still great) experience.

So how do you find the perfect holiday? Firstly, have a think about all the things you like to do while you’re on holiday. If you’re someone who loves to be active, a ski vacation or somewhere outdoors with opportunities to hike, kayak, or scuba dive could be the best option for you.

If you prefer to do nothing but relax, an all-inclusive resort could be just the right place to ensure you have the best possible time, and if you’re a foodie, choosing somewhere super multi-cultural or with a reputation for incredible food (say, Paris?) will keep those taste buds happy.


Another great way to choose the perfect holiday destination is to consider places that you may not necessarily have thought about before. You know how when you ask someone where they’ve been and they surprise you with an interesting destination like Myanmar, and blow your mind with stories about how awesome it was? All of a sudden you’ll decide that what you really need to do is get yourself to Myanmar nice and quick.

A new tool from My Voucher Codes takes this theory, and goes a little further by asking a few questions about the way you like to travel. The My Perfect Holiday quiz will narrow down the best place for you based on a few different questions like budget, preferred temperature, and what you like to do, and before you know it you’ll be heading somewhere totally new.

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