Different Types of UTV Tires and Their Uses

The tires that come with your UTV are typically an all-terrain, general purpose tires that cover all types of ground. If you’re wondering whether you should upgrade to a different kind of tire, it really depends on where and how you ride. Here are the four main types of motorcycle tires to help you choose what fits your needs.

All Terrain Tires

These stock tires have thick, rugged lugs that will give you traction when you’re riding in sand, snow and mud. The sidewalls are typically extra sturdy, to provide resistance against punctures from sticks and rocks. Theses tires are universal, which is why most manufacturers choose to install them on UTVs. If you’re looking for cruiser tires, you may need to check that your tires are DOT legal, because many all-terrain tires aren’t.

Mud Tires

These tires almost look like claws with a wide-spaced tread pattern that let the tire move through deep ruts. The arrow shaped pattern of the tread lets the tire push the mud off to the sides when you’re off-roading. Some mud tires can handle snow fairly well, too. Mud tires are very loud and rough on flat and hard surfaces.

Sand Tires

Sand tires are often called paddle tires, because of their unique look. Expect the front and back tires to be different. The front tires act like shovels to dig into the sand to move the vehicle forward. The rear tires are lighter in weight and wider, letting them almost “float” against the sand. Sand tires are made of lighter material than other tires and may puncture more easily than other types of street motorcycle tires.

Dual Sport Tires

Dual sport tires perform well in most situations. They’re more durable than general purpose tires and are often used by race teams for high performance. These tires are typically street legal, but always check your local laws before taking your UTV out on public streets to make sure you can legally drive it.

Shop for tires that fit the way you ride.