The Common Car Troubles That Are Easier to Fix Than They Seem

Car troubles are annoying, aren’t they? Whether they mean you have to get public transport to work in the morning, or whether they mean you have to shell out a fortune to have them fixed, they’re annoying. Until we live in a world of self driving cars that are able to self diagnose problems, we’re likely to be caught of guard here and there. Thankfully there are a host of common car troubles that most of us experience relatively regularly, if not daily, that can be fixed with ease. Some examples of such troubles, and such ways to fix them, can be found below. On the other hand if its breaking down a lot, maybe its time to sell it on a reliable used car site like Autovolo and stop worrying. 

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Getting locked out of the car
Locking your keys in the car or losing them altogether can be a costly experience. If you were to lose them, for instance, you would stand to lose out on a bucket load of money (if you do not have a spare set) as car key manufacturing can be expensive. And, if you can’t get into your car because you’ve locked your keys inside of it, you can’t use the car, and that creates its own set of problems. But, this common plight of car owning can be fixed with ease by calling out a mobile locksmith. Yes, that’s it, all you need do is give a 24/7 locksmith a call and they will come out and fix your problem for you! How easy is that?


Experiencing a flat tyre
Your car getting a flat is something you have likely experienced at some point in your life as a driver. And, if you’ve experienced this very common car trouble in a place that you really didn’t need to be experiencing it in (anywhere that’s not your driveway), then you’ll know how annoying it is. But, you don’t need to be a mechanic to fix a flat; no, anybody with a bit of common sense can do it, seriously! You just need to get the spare tyre out of your trunk (please, please, please always have a spare tyre in your trunk!) as well as the small car jack that comes with it. You need to put the jack on a stable part of the frame (which means don’t put it on plastic!). You then need to remove the hubcap on the afflicted wheel and loosen the lug nuts. You then need to place the jack under the vehicle. You then need to raise the vehicle using the jack. You then need to unscrew the lug nuts entirely. You then need to remove the flat tyre and mount the spare one where the old one was. You then need to slightly tighten the new tyres lug nuts before lowering the vehicle and then tightening the lug nuts fully. You then need to replace the hubcap, put all the equipment you used back into your trunk, and get back on your way.


The battery going dead
Depending how long your current battery has been fitted in your car, how good it is, how often you use your car or how many long road trips you go on, batteries can either work brilliantly or they can be a nightmare. If it is the latter, and your car just won’t start up, then you’re going to either have to have somebody jump start your car for you or you’re going to have to call out your breakdown cover to come and get your car started in order to get yourself home. Then, once safely home and on your driveway, check your battery by unbolting the negative terminal of it first, then the positive. You should check for corrosion of the battery and clean anything you see off with a metal brush. If the problem persists, get yourself a new battery (which are relatively cheap to source when compared to other car parts).