Fun Facts About Technology

The most talked about topics in this day and age is technology. And there is no doubt that technology has done exceptionally well in the industry. And that is why it is up for discussion. From phones with codes to mobile phones, to smartphones you can see that the transition is worth the mention.

As far as casino websites are concerned, technology has done the best. Dating back in time people had to travel to the casino regardless of the fact that it is hot or cold or rainy. And to top that up they had to abide by the casino’s dress code.

But all that was made a personal preference that is travelling to the casino. With the coming in of online casinos, players can play their favourite online game in the comfort of their homes or even better play at mobile casinos. You can visit choiceonlinecasino for more information about mobile casinos.

Weird But True!

  1. Did you know that a computer user on average blinks 7 times a minute? And this is interesting because an average person blinks 20 times per minute. Now, these are astounding facts you would want to read about.
  2. This is one fact you should have a laugh at. Google is a major company it is the headquarters should look like a whole empire. But did you know that they rent goats to help cut down the amount of grass, weeds and bushes from a company called Califonia Grazing?
  3. Who knew fingers could compete with a bike in terms of speed. On average, a bike takes 15 minutes to travel 1.5miles.  But did you know that on an average day a typist’s fingers travel about 12.6 miles? And that is on an average workday.
  4. Does your job require you to type? Or you probably just love typing, then be careful not to lose your fingerprints. Yes, you heard that right a lot of typing might cause your fingerprints to fade.