Five Ways to Make the Most of a Weekend Getaway

Weekend getaways are a lot of fun, but it turns out they’re more than just fun. There are many reasons to plan a day or two away from home:

  • Smaller vacations can be better for your mood than one big one.
  • They are a lot easier and less stressful to plan.
  • You’re less likely to be disappointed with a shorter stay.
  • They can reinvigorate your relationships.
  • They are a great way to meet new people.
  • They can boost your creativity.

However, just because weekend getaways are good for you doesn’t mean the Saturday and Sunday you spend away from home will automatically be a success. Following these tips is an easy way to make sure you make the most of your weekend getaway.

Choose the Right Destination

It all starts with choosing the right destination. If you visit a place you aren’t excited about, you’ll probably end up wishing you just stayed at home.

How do you find a place that’s worth a visit? Look for places near you that will make you feel like you’re a lot further away from home, even if you can get to your front doorstep after just a few hours in the car.

It’s easier to do when you’re on the coasts, but Midwesterners have some great choices too. For example, Mackinac Island offers many activities for weekend vacationers, and without cars, it will make you feel like you stepped back in time the moment you arrive on the island.

Schedule Fun Things to Do

When you don’t have a lot of time, you have to make sure you know what you’re going there to do. That means you should schedule a few things to do after you arrive.

The sky is the limit when it comes to figuring out how you’re going to spend your time! You could go to a theme park, catch a show, make reservations at a fancy restaurant, or bike the local trails. If you’re with the kids, spend the day on the lake or at the water park.

If you’re looking for a more relaxing weekend getaway, consider scheduling a wine tour and visit the local spa. No matter what kind of weekend getaway you’re looking for, you can find it!

Schedule in Downtime

It’s important to schedule fun things to do while you’re on a mini vacay, but that doesn’t mean you should plan out every second of every day.

Downtime is important to our daily lives. Unfortunately, most people don’t take enough downtime during the week to rest and relax. Those that want to make the most of their vacations don’t take enough downtime either. Then, they arrive at work on Monday morning more burnt out than they were on Friday!

Schedule in downtime like you would any other activity. It might mean not scheduling anything to do on Saturday afternoon or keeping your schedule free on Sunday morning. It gives you time to enjoy the hotel pool, try a restaurant you just discovered, or simply sleep in.

Leave Your Phone Behind

A weekend getaway won’t be nearly as relaxing or as much fun if you spend your time checking your phone and taking calls. Do yourself a favor and turn off your cell phone.

Although it may sound like fun for you to post social media updates and text your friends and family while you’re away for the weekend, it will make your weekend go much faster, and that’s not what you want! Squeeze every precious moment out of your weekend by turning off your phone.

Take an Extra Day

Weekend getaways are short. That can be a good and a bad thing! If you need a little more time or flexibility, consider adding a day to your itinerary. That way, you can arrive at your location on Friday, spend the whole day there on Saturday before returning home on Sunday.

Taking a day off after you return home is an option too. It isn’t uncommon to suffer from post vacation fatigue. It can be a lot easier to get back into the swing of things if you take Monday off and spend the day recovering at home before you head back to the office on Tuesday.

A successful weekend getaway means more than pointing at a map and getting in the car. That doesn’t mean it has to be hard, though! With the tips on this list, you can squeeze every precious minute out of your time away.