Go-Go-Gadgets: A Traveller’s Guide

 It doesn’t get much better than exploring a newly discovered corner of the Earth or lying on a sun-drenched beach listening to rhythmic crashing waves, but electronic gadgets can definitely enhance your traveling experience.  From sorting out everyday practicalities with your phone to listening to music reminiscent of friends at home, these are the devices that will put your mind at complete ease.


Keep in Touch

With a whole plethora of social media and apps, it’s easy to stay connected with friends, families and fellow travellers while on the move. Tablets are handy devices to do this on, with iPads being a popular choice. Compact, lightweight and easy-to-use, if your rucksack only allows space for one gadget, it should probably be this one. Whether it’s making a Skype call to see your friend’s new engagement ring, catching up on a TV series, or sending an email to confirm your next hostel booking, the tablet has you covered.

Go Mobile

An obvious but essential choice: mobile phones offer what most tablets can but in a more refined handset, that’s better to carry around on a daily basis.  We all use mobiles to make calls and texts from at home and they’re just as convenient on travels, so be sure to take it out and about with you. A smartphone more often than not also doubles as a high resolution camera, ready to take some impromptu snaps for you to share.


Bring the Music

For some serious pinch-yourself moments, music can be a spine-tingling accompaniment to your travels. Once plugged in to an MP3 player, you won’t be distracted by calls, emails or social media notification popups; it’s simply you, the music and the scenery. It’s also reassuring knowing that you don’t have to rely on a Wi-Fi connection or roaming charges to be able to listen to your perfectly planned playlists. Be sure to download plenty of tunes to suit every mood, and don’t forget the charger.

That’s entertainment

Are you a gaming nerd or book worm? Perhaps not the most mandatory things to pack, handheld games consoles and electronic reading devices are on hand to provide some added entertainment value. Travelling can be long and sometimes lonely, so you definitely deserve to splash out on one and make room in your bag, to finish that book or beat your best score.

Seeking out new adventures and cultures is the ultimate traveller’s goal, but staying connected is as equally important. After all, no one wants to return to the terrifying consequences of forgetting to wish parents a happy birthday while away.