Top Road Trips from Auckland

The city of sails, as Auckland is known, is a must-see destination in New Zealand. Not only is it the largest city in the country, but it also has a lot to offer including some beautiful parks, excellent restaurants and cafes, a beautiful marina and a great zoo. Despite all these fun things to see, one of the best things about New Zealand is how beautiful it is and how easy it is to drive. Once you’ve decided on car hire Auckland airport you’ll probably want to know where is best to head to? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. Here are my top road trips from Auckland:


1) Mangawhai

Only a few hours drive from Auckland, Mangawhai is the perfect holiday destination if you want to relax and unwind. It’s where the locals go to holiday. There are the mammoth sand dunes which are fun to run up and down, as well as the beautiful ocean for kayaking, swimming and sunbathing. The town of Mangawhai is quite small, but there are a handful of great cafes and restaurants ensuring that you will have a lovely time.

2) Mount Maunganui

This is another destination that is only a few hours drive from Auckland. It feels like somewhere else, but still maintains a laid-back kiwi feel. Here you’ll find some of New Zealand’s best beaches, a beautiful mount that makes for an excellent walk with incredible views and a really chilled out vibe. This is the perfect holiday destination if you want a few days break from Auckland.

3) Piha Beach

This is only about an hour’s drive from Auckland, so absolutely perfect if you only have a day spare to explore. Here you’ll find sparkling black sand beaches surrounded by lush rain forests. During the summer time Piha is absolutely bustling, but there’s merit in visiting during the winter as well, especially if you are a surfer.

4) Rotorua

At just under three hours drive from Auckland, Rotorua is a great option if you want a little more action in your life! There’s lots of fun activities you can do in Rotorua, including visiting the smelly sulphur pools, rafting, paddle boarding, ziplining or more Rotorua is the perfect destination for you.

New Zealand is a great country for a road trip and Auckland is the perfect base for many great north island destinations. So why not head there for a week or two, hire a car and see more of this beautiful country.