How Cloud Computing is Changing the World

While many people would hesitate to admit it, plenty of us don’t quite understand what cloud computing actually is.

Cloud computing is when we use “the cloud” as a storage facility. Whether we use Dropbox, Google Docs, or the iCloud, cloud computing allows us to reduce the costs of existing processes, while also speeding them up.

This has allowed many organisations to improve and transform their internal processes, and greatly impacts the way we do business. Cloud computing allows employees to constantly keep in contact, transforming working practices and allowing more efficient forms of collaboration. This technology is now a critical part of most organisation’s infrastructure, and allows more businesses to rely on mobile devices and encourage employees to work remotely.

The cloud will allow us to have earlier notice when we need to pay attention to our offices or houses. A large medical equipment company has developed a cloud-based application which allows field system engineers to head off problems when they’re maintaining health equipment. It can also let every day people know when they need to charge the batteries for their electric cars and other important day-to-day tasks, reducing the amount of tasks we need to keep on top of.

Have you ever checked online for a product, and then ended up disappointed when you arrive at the store and it’s not there? The cloud will make inventory records much more reliable and visible, connecting shoppers and allowing us to compare goods from different stores.

Small and medium sized companies will more easily be able to scale globally, while significantly reducing their overhead costs, and may not even need to build a physical data center.

Laptops will also be much more secure. Many people travel with encrypted information on their laptops, which is not only a security risk, but is illegal when entering certain countries. The cloud will eliminate security concerts by allowing all data to be securely stored on the internet, so that the laptop itself won’t be storing the data and instead it can simply access it.


Because the cloud offers every day people exciting ways to collaborate, test ideas, and develop products cheaply and rapidly, we may see an accelerated rate of entrepreneurialism, as small startups rely on the cloud.

Language barriers may also fade, as cloud computing will give users speech recognition accuracy, making it much easier to travel and do business with other language speakers. This means that you can contact a colleague or potential partner on a mobile device, and both of your words would be instantly translated into the opposite language. This scenario is almost possible today, so the possibilities are almost endless.

Updating software will be easier, as cloud service providers can handle all maintenance aspects, so the corporate world can avoid having to worry about keeping track of constant system updates.

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