How mobile phones now cater for all our needs

Advancements in technology have changed the way in which we communicate and live our daily lives. Now that practically everyone seems to own a mobile phone, you might consider a smartphone to be a cultural norm you couldn’t live without.

Smartphones have put just about anything you can think of at your fingertips. Check out the following for some of the amazing things that you might not know your smartphone has to offer.


Mobile phones are designed so you can go almost anywhere and have a means available of contacting the outside world. That means increased connectivity with friends and family and round-the-clock availability for emergencies and business purposes.

Today’s smartphones have computing power similar to many personal computers. With plenty of storage space, excellent graphics, high-quality cameras, and intuitive user interfaces increasing in quality, it is no wonder smartphones are now a must-have item.

It seems that everyone in the developed world now owns a smartphone. Reports show there are currently over 2 billion smartphone users and predictions are that number will increase to over 6 billion by the end of the decade.

All-in-one device

We often take for granted how many things mobile phones have replaced, one of the most obvious being landline telephones.

With a smartphone’s built-in features and the numerous apps available, there is little need for many outdated electronic devices. In fact, your smartphone could replace your alarm clock, calendar, digital camera, video camera, electronic book reader, physical map, flashlight, measuring tape, level tool, portable game device, credit card scanner, and maybe even a laptop or desktop computer.

Some budget-conscious households do not have a computer, or a single computer is shared among multiple users. Instead they rely primarily on mobile phones with a wireless connection for online access. With websites now formatted to display correctly on your smartphone, browsing is a seamless experience.

Online shopping

Smartphones have boosted online shopping. These days it is so easy to buy anything you want online. Since most users carry their smartphone with them all day, as long as there is an internet connection they have the ability to search for the perfect item to select and buy right from the phone.

With outstanding features, like ultra-cool subscription boxes and reorder buttons for favorite products, online shipping has become so convenient and more high-tech than ever before.

Now, you can sign up for subscriptions to receive anything from specialty food to tech gadgets. Automatic reordering buttons and apps have propelled online shopping into the realm of personal household manager. This helps save time by avoiding traveling to shop and standing in line at the store. In addition, there are some amazing mobile apps that can alert you to the best deals among retailers, product availability, and coupons.

Another amazing factor about shopping online is that you can find products that are not offered in stores. That can be a real life-saver when the store doesn’t have in stock what you need.


From supporting your favorite team to keeping up with sports stats online, smartphones are changing the world of sports. With print newspapers being replaced by online versions, it is no surprise that you can now get your sports news right on your smartphone. You can even show your support and try your luck by placing a bet on your team at Due to smartphone connectivity, you can even join online groups to discuss sports or coordinate meet-ups with other fans.


Smartphones have widened the world of gaming. With free or inexpensive gaming apps widely available for smartphone users interested in a variety of genres, it is perhaps no surprise.

VR headsets made specifically for your mobile phone make virtual reality games an option for anyone with a smartphone. This isn’t the same experience that you would get with an at-home VR console setup, but it is an affordable and impressive stepping stone into the world of VR.


With social media sites allowing you to be connected with friends, family, and coworkers, keeping up with everyone in your life has become much easier. Smartphones make using social media simple, since we are practically always connected. In fact, a smartphone’s ability to capture high-resolution photos and videos is a vital factor in determining a social media site’s popularity, especially among teens and young adults.

As you can see, things like shopping, sports, and socializing have changed dramatically due to smartphones. It is truly impressive how much the devices are integrated into our daily lives. No matter what your interests are, smartphones generally have the capability to cater to your needs.