Sony’s PlayStation Social Media Accounts; Another OurMine Victim?

A Few days after hacking the United States television network HBO’s social media accounts. An attack in which hackers threatened to leak the television network’s unreleased TV Shows. Shows which include the Game of Thrones Season 7 finale. OurMine is at it again. This time they claim that they hacked gaming giant Sony’s PlayStation social media accounts.

Reports indicate that both Facebook and Twitter were hacked.  In the past OurMine hacked social media accounts of one of the creators of the Pokémon Go game and also Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg.  The group claims to have breached the firewall of PlayStation’s social media and stole data. OurMine managed to take control of PlayStation’s Twitter account and tweeted claiming that they have taken over. 

It tweeted “Hi, it’s OurMine, we are a security group, if you work at PlayStation then please contact us.” Sony quickly took back the account and deleted the hacker’s tweets. It is a good thing that casinos online are also encrypted with the same type of security used at financial institutions like banks. The social media account which was hacked is for PlayStation Brazil. It claims it hacked the account using gaming company’s Sprout social management.  In addition, the group went on to say that the gaming giant’ network has been affected. 

Personal user information such as emails and names can be leaked if this hack is legit. However, OurMine claimed that it is not planning to expose personal information to anyone else but only to PlayStation to prove their claim. It is not yet certain that there was actually information stolen from their databases. Sony hasn’t yet commented on the issue. OurMine present themselves as a legit security company that exposes weaknesses of networks and help to upgrade the systems.

Sony has been down this road before; in 2011 PlayStation support was compromised for a month after it was hacked. The hackers stole and exposed personal information of approximately 77 million users during the hack. It is times like this that get you thinking if your personal information is secure.