Beach Holiday Mistakes You Won’t Be Making Twice In A Row

When you want nothing more than a relaxing trip away from the hustle and bustle of it all, then the beach is the place to be. Sun, sea, and sands are the age-old remedy for the woes of the modern family. However, that doesn’t mean that they are always stress-free. Whether you’re going for just a day trip or if you’re staying for a week near some of the gorgeous beaches near you, here are a few mistakes you’re not going to want to make unless you want to spoil the experience entirely.

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Don’t get burned

This is a point that you would think we shouldn’t have to make by now. However, the fact is that sunburn and sun stroke still remain amongst the most common complaints when it comes to holidays at the beach. There are, of course, much more serious concerns to contend with, as well. In particular, the high-rates of skin cancer seen as a direct result of too much exposure to the sun. It’s not that people aren’t buying sunscreen, it’s that they’re not paying attention to which kinds they should be getting. Know which SPF you should be getting for your skin, as recommended by and make sure that you get those creams that have hydrating ingredients features, as well as protection from both kinds of UV rays, that means both UVA and UVB.

Staying right up beside the beach

If you’re only going to the beach for a day, then you’re not going to need to pay much attention here. This is for those who are having a real beach holiday, meaning they’re staying in the location for the beach. Yes, the idea of staying with the coast right out the view of the window is very tempting. However, as anyone who buys beach property can tell you, staying too close to the beach can be more of an annoyance than a pleasure. If the area is particularly tourist friendly, it means that you’re likely to not get much rest from the constant stampede of people passing by your accommodation.

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Packing just a swimsuit

On one hand, you don’t want to pack too much for your trip to the beach and end up lugging everything around all day. Buying and bringing a caddy with you can solve that issue, but it’s not ideal. On the other hand, a lot of people don’t really consider all of their clothing needs when going to the beach. You might look great in a swimsuit, wide-brimmed hat and pair of sunglasses, but you might not be comfortable. For one, a pair of beach shoes from places like will ensure that your fun doesn’t end early if you find out the beach is a little rougher than you expected. But it’s a good idea to pack a lightweight, but covering poncho or dress in case you want to stay out there till sunset or in the event of the occasional bitter sea breeze

Getting sand absolutely everywhere

Even if the sand is fine enough for you to just run about in your bare feet, it’s likely that you’re going to be cursing it by the end of the day. Sand is all well and good until you end up bringing a ton of it back home with you. This can be even more of an issue if you have to drive back from the beach. Bring baby powder with you. Rubbing yourself down with it is a great way to make the sand just slide off you, making you almost completely clean.

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Arriving too late

For many, the reality of the holiday at your local beach just doesn’t shape up to our ideal of it. We imagine sitting there in quiet bliss, feeling the warm rays of the sun and enjoying the sounds of the sea. More likely, you’re going to be trying to look past the crowd of bodies while hearing nothing but the chatter of tourists. If you want your moment of zen in the sun, then the best way to get it is to arrive very early indeed. Beaches are much less crowded, even if they aren’t as warm, in the morning. Besides, catching the sunset if it comes in over the water is a sight worth making the trip for, alone.

Make any of these mistakes and you’re probably not going to make them again. That might be because they put off the idea of going back to the beach anytime soon. Hopefully, our tips stop that from happening.