The technology revolutionizing the family car

You may have noticed already, but the way that cars are built has changed a great deal over the last decade. A few years ago, there were not as many electrical or computer functions in a car, but these days all new cars rely on more automatic and push button systems. Think about how remote locking has become the norm these days, but just a few years ago we all had to use keys to manually unlock the doors. Finding a car that does not have all of these extras is very difficult these days, and as time goes on, more and more modern technology will be making its way into the family car.


Safety features of modern cars

Modern technology is increasingly used to make family cars safer. A number of top manufacturers have already included a parking assistance feature in their vehicles. There is also the addition of extra air bags. Long gone are the days when the air bag was only found in the steering wheel. Now there are air bags for all passengers, including side air bags found in the doors that are designed to protect passengers no matter what direction the car is hit or which way it rolls.

Go green

Modern technology has also made it possible for drivers to consider the environment when they are driving. Electric cars and hybrid models mean lower fuel consumption and reduced carbon emissions. As people are becoming more environmentally aware, they are opting for cars that will do less damage to the environment. As a result, we are seeing charging stations for electric cars appearing in parking lots all over the country, so this type of technology is definitely set to stay.


Integrated technology

It is now common to have smartphone connectivity on cars. The system allows you to make telephone calls and play music from your phone, all accessed through the computer system built in to the car. The ‘Car Play’ system is no longer reserved for premium cars; some of the latest models will feature a system with a touchscreen.

In-car entertainment has also been affected by the latest advancements in technology, and it is now common for the family car to have DVD players and screens in the back of the car – perfect for keeping the kids occupied on a long trip.

Keyless entry and start systems are another new feature on some car models. As long as you have the key with you, the car will sense that and start the car without you ever inserting the key into the ignition.

The way car manufacturers are able to make these improvements to family cars is all thanks to the innovations in manufacturing processes. The precision and accuracy that can be achieved with modern production techniques results in safer and much better quality cars. Thanks to companies like Transducer Techniques producing equipment to precision specifications, there is no longer such a gap between the family car and more luxurious models.

As time goes on, we can expect to see the family car taking on more innovative features, particularly as manufacturers compete with each other for the lucrative family market.