Never forget!

Unless you’re an elephant, and in which case you’re doing very well reading this, then you will be prone to forgetting the odd thing. We all do it, especially when we’re distracted or stressed out, and it’s hard to remember every single thing you need to do. The occasional chore gets forgotten, or goes by the by, and usually this isn’t a problem, however in the case of your holiday and onwards travel, there are a few things you should make like an elephant and never forget!


How to get to the airport

You would be surprised how many people forget about this until the last minute! I personally always go for airport parking with Airparks and drive myself to the airport, because I find this much less stressful, and if there is more than one of you travelling, you will save money compared to costly public transport. I regularly book parking at Stansted, and always have a great experience, so check out what’s available at your departure airport.

Important documents

I don’t care how organised it sounds, I always have a small folder in my hand luggage, containing all my travel documents in the order I need them. Laugh all you like, but I’ve never forgotten anything! Make sure you have your passport, visa (if required), travel insurance documents, EHIC card (if required), driving licence if you’re planning on hiring a car, flight confirmation, accommodation paperwork, and any confirmation for your transfers.


Travel insurance

I just mentioned this briefly, but do not forget it! You can find countless low-cost policies out there which will cover you for the basic eventualities you need, simply read the small print and make sure you declare any pre-existing medical conditions. It’s not worth the risk of traveling without it!

Medications and immunisations

Check this out with your doctor a few weeks before you depart because some destinations may require you to have additional immunisations or medication to cover you for your stay. Of course, if you have regular medications that you take in the normal run of things, make sure you have enough to cover your holiday.

Tell the bank

I always prefer to inform my bank and credit card company when I’m going away, how long for, and where I’m going, because if I need to use my cards overseas, a travel marker on my account will make it much less likely that they will get blocked. We all know how much of a hassle it is when you have to ring up and sort a problem out with your accounts, so take my advice and cut out the possibility.

With these areas covered, you should have a safe, uneventful, and happy holiday, without the sinking feeling that you have forgotten something.