4 Ways to Experience the Most of a Country in a Short Time

If you only have like a week or even less to spend in one country, you might be struggling to see the most and the best of it. To prepare yourself for such trip and also be able to get everything you need to get while traveling here I am! Today Anna Viva is going to share some 4 super easy, but super effective ways how to improve your experience then you travel in a country in a very short time. Just dare to do something crazy and be an open-minded traveler!


Waking up early

Firsts things first – if you really want to see everything and experience the country as much as possible, you need to sacrifice some of your sleeping time. Just by getting a little bit earlier during your trip you can see how the day is getting started in that country and how people act in early mornings. Mornings are the busiest time in many countries for locals so you can gaze your eyes how it all starts. Moreover, making tours in the morning has another benefit – there are very little of other tourists who decided to see the city so early. This is how you can avoid huge crowds and see everything!

Do your research

Before the trip, you should definitely do a nice research of must-see places and tourist attractions. So you don’t need to wander around trying to figure out where to go next. You can do that online, or purchase some professionally written books about one or another country. Every traveler can easily find these books at Abebooks website. And you know what? Right now you can shop for it at a much smaller price.  So get the best book about your country, read it carefully and be confident because you know what you want and have to see!


Make a local friend

If you want not to miss the best there is in one country or another, you can also find a local friend that will show you the best places around. It is actually a very practical advice because you can not only enjoy a new friendship, new and yet not find places by a tourist but also even get into the local’s house. That will let you experience what it is really like to life there. So go online, get into some travelers’ communities and start looking for new friends!

Use public transport

In the end, if you want to see the country from the inside and without any additional glitter specially made for tourists, you can definitely use local public transport. There you can not only travel in the country cheaply but also get a chance to meet locals and find new friends. Although, sometimes it can be pretty uncomfortable to travel this way (especially in India, for instance), it is still a great way to experience the culture shock and all the good and bads that come with it. The only thing I can warn you about is thieves. Some bad people can use your lack of knowledge and just you simply being a tourist. So keep your valuable somewhere safe and dare to travel this way!