Weekends around Dubai

Dubai has undergone mind-boggling transformation that is almost impossible to imitate. The city has developed into a global village catering to people from all over the world. Standing out like a dazzling symbol of the rising middle-east, Dubai is especially known for its glamorous lifestyle and impeccable infrastructure. Despite the urban charms it is replete with, there is often a need to get away from its frenzied pace. Fortunately, Dubai is packed with many such options. So next time there is a long weekend, make sure to opt for car rental in UAE and embark on a trip to one of these exotic locations.

article 2 sadiiyat island

1. Saadiyat Island

Located just a bit more than an hour’s drive from Dubai is an island that was designed to preserve the environment. The Saadiyat Island is celebrated for its pristine beaches, cultural offerings and luxury experiences. There is also a Beach Golf Club that boasts expansive stretches of emerald green and magnificent views of the Arabian Sea. A perfect weekend getaway, you can be sure to relax and rejuvenate here!

article 2 Jazirah Aviation Club

2. Jazirah Aviation Club

Ras Al Khaimah lies in the northern-most region of the UAE and is home to the Jazirah Aviation Club. A one-of-its kind, the club offers fun rides to adventure lovers as well as training and pilot permits. The club has a fleet of aircrafts that includes light sport aircrafts, powered parachutes and gyrocopters among others. Whether you are looking for professional training or hands-on experience of being the captain of an aircraft, Jazirah Aviation club is your destination. Also, Ras Al Khaimah – an hour and half drive from Dubai – is an emirate equipped with the best of accommodation facilities, dining options, and boasts a rich history and native culture. Your weekend can’t get better than this!

article 2 Musandam

3. Musandam

Although an exclave of Oman, Musandam, is located less than 200 kilometres from Dubai and is a haven for water sports and adventure. Jutting into the Strait of Homuz, this picturesque peninsula is well-known for its quaint villages, meandering roads and stunning beaches. The Khmazera Castle, located in the heart of the town, is worth a visit. Dibba Rock offers great opportunities for scuba diving where you can spot iridescent corals, sting ray, scorpion fish, turtles, parrot fish, honeycomb eel and maybe even a reef shark.

article 2 Liwa-Oasis-Picture

4. Liwa Oasis

Located some 300 kilometres from Dubai is a getaway in the true sense of the word. The Liwa Oasis gives you the chance to unwind in the midst of a desert. Essentially consisting of a clump of villages that mushroomed around an oasis to the south-west of Abu Dhabi, Liwa Oasis is quite different from the regular tourist attractions in the UAE. Do head out to the Moreeb dune or Tal Mireb, a 100 meter high dune. If possible, the yearly Liwa Date Festival is a must-visit to see the sheer varieties of date available. If your budget allows, stay at the luxurious Tilal Liwa Hotel for a regal experience.

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