5 Reasons Japan Should be Your Next Holiday Destination

Japan is a country of contrasts, yet everything is beautifully harmonious. There is everything from the traditional to the quirky and all things in between. It’s scenically and culturally rich, and the list of reasons to tour Japan is bigger than the impressive Mt Fuji itself. Here are just some of them.

The Seasons

No matter when you travel to Japan, you are in for a treat. Every season brings with it a different feel and each is just as special as the next. Summer is the time for festivals, and the country defies the rainy season to come alive with an energetic atmosphere and an abundance of firework displays.

Visit Japan in autumn and you’ll see the countryside coated in red and orange hues, while winter swaps the autumn leaves for snowflakes. The powder is phenomenal and if you’re into snow sports you are in luck! If you’re happy to contend with the crowds during Japan’s busiest tourist season, then spring will put on a display of cherry blossoms that will make it all worthwhile.

The Food

The Japanese cuisine is full of flavour and goes far beyond sushi (although you can’t go past trying some at its most authentic!). Don’t be afraid to try new things and expand your palate. Ask about the local specialties and give something on the menu that you can’t pronounce a try.

If you’re unsure about what to order, then there are often English menus available. You’ll see a lot of restaurants with plastic replicas of the meals available to help you with your decision making (or confuse you further, because there is just too much goodness to choose from!).

The Culture

Japan has a rich culture, both old and new. Ancient traditions permeate into daily life while a vibrant modern culture continues to evolve at an uncanny pace. Traditions like origami, Japanese calligraphy, Geisha entertainment, Sumo wrestling, and time-honoured tea ceremonies still have their steadfast place in Japan, while pop culture is illustrated everywhere from the anime to the fashion.

You’ll find the smaller and more remote villages hold true to many deep seeded traditions, but while the cities have a strong contemporary culture, this doesn’t mean they are devoid of the ways of old. You’ll be surprised by the juxtaposition of shrines and zen gardens amidst the maze of skyscrapers and be delighted by the unorthodox blend of old and new.

The Scenery

Everywhere you look you will be awestruck by Japan. The landscapes are varied and beautiful, from the serene waters of Lake Ashi to the soaring peak of Mt Fuji and the stunning alps, there is something to impress around every corner. Wander the Arashiyama Bamboo Forest, meander through the tranquil moss gardens, and feel your troubles fade away in the carefully crafted zen gardens.

The shrines and temples will move you, both with their beauty and the feelings they evoke, and the picturesque small towns will enchant you. The modern cities have their very own beauty, filled with skyscrapers and busy streets bathed in a neon glow that have an unexpected sense of order. Whether you love the city life, or your heart lies in nature, there is something for you in Japan.

The People

You might go to Japan for the culture or the cuisine, but you’ll leave with fond memories of the people. You’ll find yourself treated with the upmost respect and there will be no shortage of people to help if you look even faintly confused or lost.

With a very low crime rate, you will feel safe everywhere you go. The warmth of the locals will put you at ease and make you feel comfortable exploring this beautiful country – which is made all the more special by the people who call it home.


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