8 Simple Hotel Booking Tips

Everybody goes on holiday, and everybody travels. This usually involves booking a hotel, and the process can be tricky.

So, to give you a helping hand, this article will quickly run through eight of the best accommodation booking tips for those who are struggling. Your holiday shouldn’t have to cost you a ridiculous amount, and it won’t if you stay well-informed!


The earlier the better

The earlier you book, the more rooms will be available which means those rooms will be cheaper. The closer it gets to the date, the fewer rooms there will be. So, those rooms will skyrocket in price due to sheer lack of availability. Start early to get ahead of the game.

Go online

Rather than communicating with hotels directly, who will usually offer you the most expensive price they have, go online. Social media and review sites, aggregators like HotWire and forums are great places to gain advice and low price information.


Stay outside your destination

Staying inside a bustling city will usually be more costly than staying in the suburbs, or outside the city. Instead of staying right on top of your chosen destination, stay a bus or a train ride away. You could save a ton of cash, and you won’t be lost!

Will you even be in the room that often?

Ask yourself this (possibly very costly) question. If you won’t be in the room too much, do you need the fanciest suite in the world? Do you need a jacuzzi, or a king size bed? Do you need those chocolates or that free alcohol? Probably not.


Plan an off-peak trip

You may want to go on a weekend away, but your trip will be much more cost-effective if you venture away during the week. Obviously, most people will like to go away Friday night and return on Sunday, so this is when the rooms will be most expensive.

Package deals

Keep your eyes open for packaged deals. This is a deal that includes hotels, flights and other features like catering. Many, many times, these deals are cheaper than finding each cost separately. Use a comparison tool if you aren’t sure. And be sure to research what you get in the price.


Ask for a group discount

Because you don’t get anywhere without asking. If you’re traveling with more than one person, be cheeky and ask for a slight reduction in price. Or, better yet, request you all stay in the same room together. Some hotels allow this, while others don’t. It’s a good way to save money instead of forking out for two rooms for three people.

Research the cancellation policy

You never know what problems could arise, but you may need to cancel your stay at short notice. Research the hotel you choose, and see what their policy is. You may still have to pay for the room up until a certain time. Or, you may lose a deposit. If you know that something may come up, choose a room with the most flexible cancellation options.