An Insight in Alameda County and What it Has to Offer

Checking out the San Francisco bay area is a dream for many people. You will get to see the beautiful city that is San Francisco but also the surrounding counties such as Napa, Alameda, Marin and a host of others depending on who you talk to about the bay area boundary. The bay area contains parks, towns and cities connected by a host of transportation networks. We are going to look at Alameda county, so you get a glimpse of what is like just outside of San Francisco’s hub and in the old wine country.

Ideal insight into the infrastructure for any potential business dealings as it has a sufficient mixture of urban and rural development.

This information is also ideally suited for those simply taking a trip to the area giving you an idea of some of the sights and what to expect.

Alameda plays host to world famous universities, laboratories and wineries. It’s also known for its famous historical downtown regions, Mediterranean climate and its more affordable cost of living. Making it ideal for commuters, visitors and business venture opportunities, many of which you will see as you pass through the region. We’re going to take a closer look at some towns and cities in the area to give you a taste of valley life.


Livermore is probably most famous for its association to the development of the United States nuclear arsenal. This is due to it being the home of two large laboratories which helped develop these nuclear systems. In contrast its also plays host to one of California’s oldest wine regions dating back to the 1840’s. Livermore is part of a large urban area connecting businesses in the region including wine, transport and even a janitorial cleaning service in Livermore. These connections allow the towns and cities in the region to hold unto some of the old vestiges of farming and community which were once so important.

San Ramon:

San Ramon is part of the tri-valley area which plays host to some major international businesses such as Chevron, 24-hour fitness and AT&T. The city of San Ramon is very urbanised while the surrounding areas are quite undeveloped due to grassland and large oak tree orchards in the area. Highlighting great urban planning and a strong after thought being placed on nature in the area.


A city which tales its name from the capital of Ireland lies in Alameda county with close links to the town of Livermore, many sharing the same services. You can probably the guess the best time of year to visit this city is during the two days St. Patrick’s day celebrations. During this period the town goes green to represent its close historical ties to Ireland and Dublin in particular.


Berkeley is probably one of the most famous cities in the Alameda county due to it being the home of Berkeley university. Most of the business and enterprises have grown in relation to or because of the university. Policies and zoning have ensured a vibrant and lasting presence of small intensely owned businesses making the area quite popular with both students and visitors. The campus and city also play host to some of the most scenic locations over-looking San Francisco and the bay below.

Whether your looking for cleaning services in Livermore or simply want to check out the areas which feed into San Francisco Alameda county and the tri-valley area are highlights for any visitors or prospective investors into the area. You’ll be pleasantly surprised with the mix of industries, universities, wine, community spirit and ideal urban planning which has gone into making Alameda county what it is today.